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Logan Paul Blocks Elijah Daniel on Twitter

American rapper and comedian, Elijah Daniel, was recently blocked by YouTube star Logan Paul on Twitter. The reason behind the action is unclear at the moment but history has been witness to what Elijah is capable of doing. Recently Elijah posted a tweet mocking Logan’s younger brother Jake Paul and hitting on TM (Cancelled podcast host).

Who is Elijah Daniel?

Elijah Daniel aka Lil Phag is popular for his satirical social-media posts. The singer, song-writer rose to prominence as the author of the erotic novel, Trump Temptations.

Elijah and fiancee Dr. Woke are a part of EDM/ Pop band Adam & Steve. The two have been labeled as The Gay Chainsmokers by Billboard. Together, they have released four singles featuring Maty Noyes, Gnash, Sophie Rose and Waterparks.

Is there a Beef between Logan Paul & Daniel?

There’s not much information available on the beef between Logan Paul and Elijah but the rapper is known for instigating people. A recent event involving Logan and Jake Paul is noticeable.

At the Teen Choice Award in 2017, Elijah tossed a Dildo at Logan Paul. The event saw a number of YouTube and online stars for the Web Star category. Among the award winners were the Paul brothers who Daniel has made no secret out of loathing

The intent was to throw it at Jake Paul initially but the plan changed and Logan Paul became the target.

According to a post, the dildo was, in fact, a “chode.” Like it makes any difference Elijah.

Recently Jake Paul and wife TM became one of his targets as well. In The Tweet, the comedian was mocking Jake and hitting on his wife TM. I think he was referring to the fake marriage controversy:

The recent tweet about the family could be one reason why he blocked Elijah. The real reason is still a mystery. Though, Elijah did end up tweeting another thing which seems to imply he considers TM a sister.