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Lizzo tried To Introduce BTS and SZA at Harry Styles’ Concert, But Things Didn’t Go As Planned

Here’s what happened

BTS and Good As Hell singer met at the Harry Styles concert and immediately became friends, because of course they did.

They instantly hit it off, you know as usual mega popstars do. Rumors singer and BTS weren’t the only big names enjoying the British singer’s concert.

There was Halsey, Billie Eilish, and of course SZA. SZA shared what happened at the concert very hilariously:

sza meets bts fan question twitter Lizzo

SZA tweeted out saying:

“Lizzo is like my extra famous friend and I enjoy popcorn in her background.”

A fan replied to the tweet and asked her how she feels after meeting BTS. To that, SZA replied:

I don’t think they knew who I was they were nice tho

sza fan clear misunderstanding bts Lizzo

Another fan added that this might have been a misunderstanding because one of the BTS members was listening to SZA on his birthday. SZA responded by sharing:

“Omg I’m not upset ! Lol I love them and they were still very nice! Lizzo tried to introduce us it was dark and loud Iss okay! I hoped We get another chance.”

Then Boys singer came to her defense, confirming these events taking place:

“I CAN CONFIRM THISSSSSS I introduced SZA but it was so loud I was scream singing ‘kiss me more’ in Vs ear #LEAVESZAALONE.”

SZA then replied to Good As Hell singer’s tweet saying:

Lmao not my veeeerseee I didn’t know what to do or say atp THANK U FOR TRYING MARSHA

lizzo confirms sza meeting bts Lizzo

Well, let’s hope SZA gets a chance to properly meet and hang out with BTS. It was probably too loud and dark for anyone to easily recognize everyone there. Currently, BTS is casually befriending everyone in Hollywood and American pop stars. It’s endearing to see megastar fan-girl over each other.

2 Be Loved Singer caught the flower that Harry Styles threw into the crowd

And now enjoy this clip of BTS’s V and “About That Time” singer singing ‘You don’t know you’re beautiful’ :

Let’s wait for more fun moments happening in Harry Styles’s ‘Love On Tour’ concerts!

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