Liza Koshy changes Instagram caption after fans speculate her sexuality

Liza Koshy has sparked rumors about her sexuality when she originally made an interesting caption. For a special birthday wish for her close lady friend and trainer, Liza Koshy went all out. Though, some fans got too excited when Liza made the post a little bit too romantic. Plus, Liza’s been known to be all flirty with her female friends. So naturally, there were some assumptions about her sexuality. Many thought she was coming out in the Instagram post. After all, it is the beloved Pride Month! However, after the speculation erupted on social media, Liza ended up altering her original Instagram post.

What the original Instagram caption said

Liza Koshy made an adorable birthday post for her close friend Jenna Willis. She wrote in the caption:

Happy belated birthday baby – I can’t wait to see you at the end of the aisle one day… I just have no idea which role you’ll play.

This led to so much speculation about her sexuality online, that Liza actually ended up trending on Twitter. One user shared how Liza used to joke around with another female friend of hers and be romantic towards her.

Some said that it was a major upgrade from her previous ex-boyfriend, David Dobrik. Dobrik was involved in multiple controversies this year.

Though, there were plenty of jokes made too:

Though, Liza Koshy ended up changing her Instagram caption!

The caption was later changed to this:

happy belated birthday baby • i can’t wait to see you at the end of the aisle one day… i just have no idea which role you’ll play

*** how about my officiant? flower girl? usher? the ridic hot bridesmaid that effortlessly shows up the bride? regardless, you know you’ll be there. check your inbox for the paperless e-vite to my non-existent wedding.

Liza Koshy Changes Instagram Post Caption Sexaulity

Suffice to say, this cleared up all speculations about Liza Koshy’s sexuality. Perhaps she was getting a lot of accusations of “queer-baiting” online that she had to clear up all the rumors. Queer-baiting is when TV shows, movies or celebrities hint at being queer in order to market their project but in the end they aren’t actually showing queer relationships and romances.

What people are saying about this incident

A lot of people online had thoughts to share when Liza changed her Instagram caption. One user added saying:

This is why you should just stop assuming people’s sexualities…

Another one commented saying that Liza probably knew people would speculate on her sexuality and thought it would be funny to joke around. But that it was bad timing due to it being Pride Month:

Yes people shouldn’t assume someones sexuality, but it’s also pride month which is a month famous for people coming out. She knew what she was doing with that caption. It may have been funny for her but incredibly poor timing from her.

One person said that it was queer baiting:

Nah there’s not a single person who would read that and not see it that way. Now THATS queer baiting.

Though, one user said that it was just a birthday wish for her trainer and friend Jenna. It just happened to be Pride Month, and it’s probably not something she planned:

You see I just think most people are ignoring the fact that it was wishing her trainer a “happy birthday” and not just a random post! Like ya it’s pride month but it’s also the same month her friend was born in so I just think folks are being too wild tbh

There were a lot of strong opinions on the matter. However, it seems like Liza Koshy just wanted to clear up confusion about her sexuality. If she wants to come out, she would probably be met with a lot of support and encouragement from fans and the community she’s in. But right now, accusations of queer-baiting are something that she might need to properly address.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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