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Liza Koshy apologizes for mocking Japanese Race in David Dobrik video

Liza Koshy apologizes for mocking Japanese Race in David Dobrik video

Last week, YouTubers Liza Koshy and David Dobrik were called out for racial comments on the Japanese in a video. The two used to be quite the couple and were the highlight of the Vlog Squad. Since their split about two years ago, we have not seen their names associate with one another. However, just this past week, the internet found an old video of the two called ‘Couple Trying Foreign Candy‘ and TikTok user @callmesukiwi calls them out for mocking the Japanese language. This, though, is not the only video David and Liza are doing so. as a video Liza’s channel also has similar content. Her channel has since made the video private.

After a week of backlash from the internet to both David Dobrik and Liza Koshy, the later has apologized to her followers. She does so in a written apology video on her main YouTube channel.

Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy apologizes for unintended racial comments.

The entire video is just a note from her with no sound as she confesses her regrets at her actions. She says,

What I once thought of as ‘innocent jokes’ were actually tainted with implicit bias, and what might have been intended as ‘playful’ was actually, to some, incredibly painful. And for that, I’m so sorry.

Liza Koshy takes full responsibility for her actions in her past. She also vows to her followers to move on and grow from the situation.

It takes a combination of individual and collective reckoning with our past to heal and move forward together. Consider this my resignation from ignorance, and my declaration as an ally in action.

Liza Koshy is also thankful to those on the internet who have contributed to her awakening. The little brown girl is ready to take on the world with her newfound love and respect for her fellow communities.