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Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks How Hamilton Hits Different During America's Different Conditions

Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks How Hamilton Hits Different During America’s Different Conditions

According to the creator and lead star of the super-hit Broadway show Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show is relatable in the current situation.

Since the release of Hamilton, it has broken many Broadway box office records. Not only that, according to Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show has a message for every moment, especially the current situation in America.

Inspired by the biography of Alexander Hamilton, the show is still gathering praise and appreciation.

The highly acclaimed show is one man’s masterpiece which tells us the story of America’s Founding Fathers. While Lin-Manuel Miranda has written the music, lyrics and book of Hamilton, he has made some changes in the cast. There are many non-white actors playing the Founding Fathers and other historical figures. It has been described as the show about ‘America then, told by America now’. Along with the traditional-style show tunes, the music is inspired by hip-hop, R&B, pop and soul. Since the release, the show has received many awards including the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Drama. While many people got a chance to experience and watch it on Broadway, others will soon be able to watch it at home. The show will be coming to Disney+ on 3rd July.

In a recent interview, Lin-Manuel Miranda talked about how Hamilton is relevant in the current situation of America.

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Lin-Manuel Miranda talked about his show. He reflected on how it is related to the on-going circumstances of America. Lin-Manuel Miranda said:

“So much of the show is about legacy and how you can’t control it—you can only make what you make and do what you do and the rest is really not up to you. And, so, I’m incredibly proud when I see ‘This is not a moment, it’s a movement’ or ‘History has its eyes on you’ at a Black Lives Matter protest.”

Furthermore, he said:

“Because it brushes up against this origin story, because it’s the story of the one immigrant among the founders, like, it always has something to say about the moment because we’re constantly dealing with the past and, if this moment is any indication, like, we’re never done with the past, we’re never done with the sins of the founders, we’re never done with the flaws, the contradictions in the founding.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda also gave an example of watching Hamilton during Brexit and how it seemed related to that situation. In the end, he said that the show just hits differently depending on where we are,