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Lilly Singh Track Roasted The Hell Out Of YouTubers

Lilly Singh uploaded the new track and savagely roasted some of the world's most popular YouTubers, and the woman seriously won!

Lilly Singh has been our favorite for quite the right reasons. And she’s at work again with a track that savagely roasted many famous YouTubers. It seems like she checked with them before she decided to lay into them. But hilariously, she did not bother seeking the permission of PewDewPie, and well, we don’t blame her. After the mean comments, he dropped on Demi Lovato as a joke, does his opinion even count? The most popular YouTube men that Lilly Singh roasted in her track included  Shane Dawson, Alex Wassabi, Tyler Oakley, James Charles, Ryan Higa and so many more.

Lilly Singh Releases Roast Track

The YouTube queen- Lilly Singh did the series with a Minaj-style wig. And as she faced the camera, she was all set to throw her blazing hot disses and flaming witty remarks at others in the community. For Shane Dawson, she added that he needs views to live a lavish life. While moving to Conor Franta, she took a hit saying he never replies because he spends all his time editing his pictures. And that’s really true, we don’t think anybody would mind if he lays off the editing for a bit. As for Alex Wassabi, Lilly Singh roasted him saying that his voice still needs to hit puberty. Before she could make more fun out of this, she continued with PewDewPie giving him what he deserved. And honestly, his part was one of the absolute favorite bits from this track!

Somebody make sure PewDewPie okay though Before he drop a slur n’ put our Adsense in a grave yo He the only one I didn’t ask for permission doe Figure he could handle it, with all the trash he be dishing out.

David Dobrik and Ricky D got a handful from her too. But maybe, the track hit Dobrik right in the heart since it questioned many brown girls leaving him. And when the time came for Ryan Higa, it became more than just evident that Lilly Singh was not laying back.

Ryan Higa is the best as far as jokes go
But poor guy loses at every award show
We all know you, ain’t gotta be funny to win
Just be white and good looking like the ‘effing Dolan Twins.

Joey Graceffa, Philip DeFranco, Tre Melvin, and Kingsley also suffered. But needless to say, it’s probably one of the most hilarious things on the internet lately. And even if you were not a Lilly Singh fan previously, the spicy lyrics that roasted the hell out of other YouTubers demand some serious appreciation for her!

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