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Lilly Singh gives advice against haters – does live concert for Charity

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is the ultimate superwoman for reals. The woman is so inspiring with her success. Starting her career as a YouTuber from Canada, she is now the first female to host a late-night talk show. A little late with Lilly may not be James Corden’s The Late Late Show but, it sure is something! You can probably guess that in this long journey of going from being an Indian girl in Canada to a total diva in L.A is not easy. With the journey, come haters! And Lilly wants to give her fans some advice against them.

Lilly Singh grabs a boombox and takes to her Instagram to remind her followers to not dwell in negativity.

There are people who don’t have something nice to say but scream it anyways. So we have a choice. We can be sad about it or we can love relentlessly, with all our heart. Be louder with your love. Scream it from the rooftops. Blast it from your boom box. Practice your compassion. Share your support. Let your love be so deafening that it drowns out the sound of anything else. We must be louder than the noise.

Lilly Singh is ever so nice as she ends the note sending out love to her fans!

Lilly Singh hosts a Virtual Concert for Charity

Not just that, Lilly Singh is helping Educate Girls in India as one of her charity projects. In another Instagram post, Lilly talks about how close to her heart India is.

For so many reasons, India holds such a special place in my heart. My parents were born in the state of Punjab and my childhood consisted of trips that took 21 hours in a plane and then 9 hours in a car to visit their family. I’ll never forget my first trip to Mumbai as a YouTuber, when so many of my wildest dreams came true meeting my Bollywood heroes.

Lilly Singh opens up about her past to remind people that the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) Pandemic is not the same for everyone. For a country like India, it is hard to practice Social-Distancing and a lockdown due to the already extreme poverty cases. However, in an attempt to make this time easier, Lilly was a part of the #IFORINDIA Concert by Give India.

Please join me the #IFORINDIA concert on May 3rd at 7:30pm IST/ 10am EST / 7am PST. We’re raising funds for the COVID response fund set up by @give_india. Link in bio to donate.

In case you missed it, here is the link of ‘Give India’ for you Donate! The Pandemic is all about helping those less fortunate and you can make your very own YouTuber girl Lilly Singh happy!