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Liam Payne Fans react to Engagement News

Liam Payne Fans react to Engagement News

Millions of One Direction fans are going through mixed emotions as Daddy Direction sets to marry girlfriend Maya Henry. Last week, Liam Payne of One Direction surfaced the internet trends with pictures of his girlfriend wearing a huge diamond. This sparked rumors that were confirmed early this week. Yes, Liam Payne, 1/4 of One Direction, now officially has a fiance, and fans around the world have a lot to say. As the Midnight singer prepares to wait at the end of the aisle, we’ll show you some reactions on Twitter.

One Direction Fans React to Liam Payne Engagement News!

So, here is the thing. Maya Henry is a fan of One Direction from back in the days. However, other fans, instead of the slightly expected heartbreak, are wishing the couple their best.

But not everyone is like that. Some fans are contemplating how they thought they are too young for Liam Payne.

The person goes on to explain how she is hurt.

I know I shouldn’t bc it’s stupid but I just genuinely feel hurt that when I was 20 years old I was over there like “he’d never date someone that young” and then he went out and dated an 18 YEAR OLD? Face with medical maskClown face
This fan is not the only one feeling this way.

Some are relating her to being God’s favorite.

There are also fans who are pondering over the fact that Liam is all grown up now.

it just f****** hit me that liam payne is engaged and a dad?? he was in the biggest boy band in history and now he’s finally starting his life. he’s all grown up… he’s not our little payne anymore. holy sh*t.

One of the fans of Liam Payne made a pun out of his name.

Other fans are congratulating him while in tears!

There is also a fan expressing their pain in a rather, dark humor kind of way.

I think its safe to say we’re all a little shocked by this turn of events. But, we do send our love out to the newly engaged couple.

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