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Lele Pons fans call her out for planned "wardrobe malfunction"

Lele Pons fans call her out for planned “wardrobe malfunction”

Lele Pons is not just a famous singer, actress, YouTuber and an internet personality. She also happens to be a very bold person with a good sense of humor. Lele recently released her latest music collaboration with Guaynaa, a song called Se Te Nota. It’s a very catchy song and it has got more than 7.4 million views on YouTube within 5 days. And just like any other hit song, Se Te Nota is making it’s round on TikTok as well. However, the most viral TikTok on Se Te Nota is by Lele herself, that ends with a wardrobe malfunction.

Lele Pons fans have mixed reaction to her planned wardrobe malfunction

It’s not just her song that has reached 7+ million views, the TikTok promoting Se Te Nota with a wardrobe malfunction, also has more than 7 million views. Lele can be seen wearing a skintight, jet-black jumpsuit. Doing what she does the best, Lele Pons dances to the song with enthusiasm, and ends up ripping the jumpsuit from behind. She really went all out and exposed her a*s for a second there.

Some of her fans started questioning her motive of posting this TikTok. Lele explained in the comments section that she wants her fans to react to this video, and she’ll share it on her Instagram stories.

Lele Pons React

And as you can see, most of the fans already saw it coming. Before ripping her dress “accidentally”, Lele Pons danced in a sultry way. You can clearly see something is off with her dress stitching, which means ripping was guaranteed.

Lele Pons

While some fans kept guessing whether it was stitching trick or velcro, a few complained about why is her explicit video still available on TikTok. She revealed a part of her body that shouldn’t have been allowed on TikTok.

Lele Pons Fans

The number of likes on these comment confirms how many fans knew Lele Pons dress was about to show more towards the end of the TikTok.


Pausing at the right time is an art only few can accomplish.

planned wardrobe malfunction

Lele Pons is not going to delete it and TikTok is not going to do it as well. Anyways, do check her song. It’s pretty catchy.

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