Lauv & Lany’s Paul Klein Dating?!

Lauv recently announced that he’s doing a music collaboration with the band Lany. Any true Lauv fan would know that the singer knows how to promote each of his songs well. With a series of Instagram posts, he often teases the new song using pictures and sometimes clips.

Lauv’s Dating and Sexuality Often Questioned

However, sometimes the teasing can lead the fans to speculate on a lot of things. Just look at his music collaboration with Troye Sivan on I’m so tired this year. It led many to believe that the two might be dating. Though, we got the answer to that when Troye Sivan confirmed that his relationship with boyfriend Jacob Bixenman was still growing strong. Sivan and Lauv were just close friends and nothing more.

Lauv did not address this rumor outright but he did answer those who kept guessing his sexuality. The way he dresses and talks leads some people to think he might be a closeted gay or bisexual. Even though he hasn’t confirmed or denied this, he did not get the homophobic comments he was getting. He didn’t get why his sexuality was this huge issue that had to be dissected.

Lauv and Paul Klein Dating?

His latest post with Lany’s lead vocalist, Paul Klein, has probably led to people guessing his sexuality yet again.

Paul Klein is giving his friend Lauv an innocent kiss on the cheeks. Underneath the post, Klein has commented, ‘Love you babygirl”.

We Shouldn’t Assume Lauv’s Sexuality

It is so easy to speculate that they might be dating ever since a lot of celebrities are coming out as bisexual and gay these days. But sometimes two people kissing can merely be something platonic.

Granted, it’s fun to speculate about the relationship status and sexuality of our favorite celebrities. But we can’t force them to come out of the closet and open up about their sexuality. It’s something that everyone needs to in their own time and their own way.

New Song Released | I Mean It

So for now, we can enjoy the Lany X Lauv music song, I mean it.


Recently, Lauv has been doing a lot of collaborations. He’s done it with Anne Marie on Fuck, I’m Lonely. His latest songs include Drugs and the Internet and Feelings. His song usually contains deep messages about mental health and heartbreak.

LANY is an indie-pop band consisting of Paul Klein, Jake Clifford Goss, and Charles Leslie ‘Les’ Priest. Their famous albums include Make Out, I Loved You and Malibu Nights.

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