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Lauren Officially Gets Her Own Digital Series On EllenTube

Lauren Officially Gets Her Own Digital Series On EllenTube

Lauren Pomerantz, the producer, and writer at the Ellen Show, has made many appearances on the show by now. She is a hilarious lady with an amazing sense of humor. You can tell why Ellen is a close friend of her. Ellen has, in fact, shot many episodes with her doing crazy stuff. It is basically Ellen putting Lauren through uncomfortable situations. People have loved these episodes so much that Ellen has finally started an EllenTube digital series for Lauren exclusively.

New Digital Series On EllenTube

The new digital series, Not Great With Lauren, is officially launched on EllenTube with the pilot episode released yesterday. You can also watch the whole episode on YouTube. As the plot of the series explains, Lauren will be facing many uncomfortable situations which will break her out of her comfort zone:

Lauren is surrounded by strong, fearless, powerful women. She works for one, she’s married to one. And yet she’s scared of most things. Join Lauren as she’s forced out of her comfort zone, and attempts to conquer her fears one terrifying moment at a time. All while feeling… not great.

Not Great With Lauren

The pilot episode of Not Great With Lauren season 1 makes you wonder what will be happening in the rest of the episodes. She actually tries three beauty treatments in the first episode. As a matter of fact, not many are familiar with these beauty treatments. So, Lauren faced Leech Therapy, Vaginal Steam, and Russian Platza Massage. Yes, these treatments are as weird as they sound to be. Russian Platza Massage involves “Banya”, a Russian sauna with a temperature of 220 degrees. And the person getting the massage is beaten with oak leaves for 4 minutes. It is followed by dousing ice water on the person and then back to the beating for a while. (Yikes).

Let’s skip the details of vaginal steam. It is kind of-self explanatory as well. In the end, Lauren went through Leech Therapy. Can you imagine leeches on your belly button, neck and on the sides of the nose? Well, Lauren went through all of that. Let’s wait and see what Ellen (or Lauren herself) puts her through in the next episode.