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Here’s Why Lauren Cohan is Leaving The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan has also decided to leave the cast of The Walking Dead, and the actress got pretty real when explaining her choice.

Amidst the hype that Andrew Lincoln is leaving The Walking Dead, we are forgetting that he is not the only one. Star Lauren Cohan, who plays the character Maggie on the show, has also decided to walk away with the next season. Well, at least that’s the case for now. But she might return. Apparently, Lauren Cohan took this decision due to a pay issue she was facing.

Lauren Cohan Faces Pay Issue At The Show

Lauren Cohan who played the feisty Maggie Greene was there with The Walking Dead from day 1. In her recent interview, she admitted that 8 years in one character is definitely a very long time to spend. And that eight years is too long to be in the emotional mash-up that Maggie had been stuck in. With that, Lauren Cohan feels in virtue of it too. Regarding her decision of leaving, she claimed that she mulled it over from mange angles before finally settling on the decision to leave the show.

There were issues with the pay and the actress admitted being surprised by the stressful contract negotiations for the ninth season of The Walking Dead. She said that the pay issue was simply a sign that she should not do it anymore.

But it seems like she wasn’t feeling in sync with the show for quite a while. This pay issue was the last straw for her. She saw it as a sign that it was time for her to leave.

Despite this decision, the actress still appreciates the wonderful aspects of her life. She’s certainly grateful for the opportunities her role opened on The Walking Dead opened up for her. All the while, being her own guardian and protecting herself from business deals that might harm her was something she couldn’t give up. To the dismay of her fans, it was time for her to let go.

The showrunner of The Walking Dead-Angela Kang said that she wants Lauren Cohan back. But whether or not the actress will return or solve the pay issue is unknown.