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LaurDIY’s first love and boyfriend passed away

2020 sure has a lot in store for us. The Pandemic, the riots, and whatnot.  Now, we heard the sad news that LaurDIY lost her ex-boyfriend and first love. Baz, or Sebastian Morris, passed while swimming. He had an epileptic seizure and drowned in the water. The death came as a total shock and devastated Baz and his loved ones. He passed away on May 27th. Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki Posted a heartfelt video talking about how she cannot even believe that this happened.

LaurDIY first love and ex-boyfriend Baz passes away

The YouTuber herself posted a heartfelt YouTube video with so many tears. She shares the details of his death and talks about how much it hurts to actually acknowledge that he is no longer alive.


As LaurDIY puts it,

I’ve just never met anyone with such infectious energy, and such an infectious smile. And anyone who has ever met him, will second, third, fourth that forever.

LaurDIY talks about how Baz has always had health issues.

Baz had a severe case of epileptics, as the usually full of life YouTuber tells us. She also talks about how, in one of her videos, she mentioned someone having a severe seizure at the early start of their relationship. LaurDIY is utterly heartbroken talking about this.

If you’ve seen my anxiety video, you can piece together that Baz was the loved one in my life who suffered a super severe siezure in the beginning of our relationship.

Lauren says that Sebastian just talked to her two weeks ago and told her he was working in a hospital to help out COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) patients.

He was telling me how he is volunteering at our hometown’s hospital with COVID patient intakes.

LaurDIY’s voice cracks as she laughs saying that it is such a Baz like thing to do. Not caring for his own health issues and just going to help those who need it.

Our deepest condolences to Sebastian Morris’s family.