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Laura Linney became a mom at the age of 49

Laura Linney became a mom at the age of 49

Actress Laura Linney gave birth to her first newborn in the January of 2014. At the age of 49. She welcomed her son, Bennett Armistead Schauer, on the 8th of January. Amazingly, the Hollywood celebrity had only a year before she turned fifty when she gave birth to her son, Bennett.

Although fans were all too ecstatic for the celebrity and her partner for the new addition to the family. A question remained; Why did Laura Linney take so much time to expand her beautiful family?

Raha Lewis from People Magazine first revealed the news to ABC few days after the baby came. Months before the big happy news came out, Laura rarely appeared in public places and whenever she did. She was seen wearing oversized clothes which hid her baby bump. Therefore, when the news of the baby first arrived everyone was left in shock. The news was received with mixed feelings.

Even when she made public appearances such as those on any awards shows her dressing misfits didn’t really draw much attention and nobody expected such an exciting secret from her.

Why didn’t Laura Linney reveal her pregnancy?

Talking about why she concealed her pregnancy for nine months without a hint, the mother of one told that she made the decision because she feared losing the even baby before its arrival. She clarified in a talk how she planned to make sure the baby “actually arrived” before making the news public.

Keeping in mind the fact that Linney was older than most new moms, she had a valid point. Pregnancy at the age of forty-nine is an undeniable health risk but it did not stop Laura from expanding her family.

However, she pointed out that she never really considered her pregnancy a secret because she was seen in public even in her eighth month. But it still does not count since she was always wrapped in bump concealing clothes.

Laura Linney might have not planned to get pregnant later in life, but she has become quite used to it. She admitted that she was really grateful for this part of her life and glad that it happened. She called it a wonderful experience.

However, she did explain that knowing she may not be there in her child’s later adult life, she used most of her time to prepare him for what is to come in future. Just like she is an exceptional actress, she is proving to be an amazing mother too