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Laura Lee’s Racism and The Drama In The Beauty Community Of YouTube

Popular beauty YouTuber Laura Lee is facing some serious drama and criticism after her racist and fat-shaming tweets from previous years were uncovered.

Popular American YouTuber Laura Lee is involved in a racism scandal emerging from her offensive online past. Even though the actual thing happened quite some time back, the beauty guru is suffering the consequences now.

Previously, Laura Lee had almost 5 million YouTube subscribers. But ever since her racist tweets resurfaced, she lost more than 200,000 of her followers. And that too, in just a single week. One of her ex-friends rediscovered the concerned tweets. Apparently, they were not just racist, but also fat-shamed people.

The famous beauty guru has deleted all her tweets now. She has even refused to respond to requests for comment from the media. But Laura addressed the accusations on Twitter. In a recent tweet, she claimed that two of the viral racist tweets attributed to her are fake.

However, the beauty guru did not dispute on one of the most controversial tweets that came out in 2012. As per it, she gave black people a tip on how to run from the police faster. And that was to pull up their pants. In 2013, the YouTuber made several other fat-shaming tweets.

Laura Lee apologized to Twitter, accepting that her tweets were ignorant.

On Sunday night, another apology came out from the beauty YouTuber. She opened the video in tears saying that she was sorry for disappointing everyone. She shares that it hurts her to know she disappointed people who supported her for years. But Laura claimed to be a better person than that now. In the 4-minute-long video apology, she also made several references to several offensive retweets.

Laura Lee attempted to clear the steered mess through her video apology. But it seems like the idea backfired right away. Fans are already slamming it online for not only being incomplete but also insincere. Laura also might be a bit too late in issuing out her apology. The racism scandal against her has already been viral for a week now. And the beauty influencer’s name has become even more popular for all the wrong reasons. Her subscribers, views on the channel, and most importantly her income has considerably dropped.

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