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Larry Conspiracy Theory: Fans say Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are coming out

Larry Conspiracy Theory: Fans say Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are coming out

One Direction fans have a tendency to get into the lives of the bandmates a little too much. As most may remember, the boys were shipped in different LGBTQ couples among themselves by fans. There were Niall and Liam, Niam, Zayn and Harry, Zarry, Louis and Niall, Nouis, and the most shipped, Harry and Louis, Larry. And with this, they tend to come up with several theories relating to the most random things from the lives of the stars. However, this most recent Larry Conspiracy Theory by One Direction fans will have you confused as ever.

Larry Stylinson Conspiracy Theory that will blow your mind

So, word is that Louis Tomlinson, currently signed with Sony Music Entertainment, will have his contract expire in June 2020. Well, there is the option of renewing it but fans ignore that little technicality. Going on, they say that Louis Tomlinson will break up with girlfriend Eleanor Calder in the next month. Some say they are already broken up, just have to announce it. Not to pop bubbles but the ‘Back to You’ singer has recently talked marriage with his girlfriend. However, it is a Larry Conspiracy theory so who can say what!

In this recent tweet, a fan takes it a step ahead to relate this to the recent word on the street that Harry Styles is releasing a video on his Watermelon Sugar song.

According to this fan, and MANY fans that back this theory, June is pride month. So, as Louis is released of his contract, he will come out as gay. The story being that Louis was held back by Epic Records (SONY ENTERTAINMENT). And Harry Styles is busy creating hype through SiriusXM Hits 1 for Watermelon Sugar. The lyric that is most highlighted is ‘The End of June’. Harry uses this at the end of the song. So, a few fans back this turning this into a Larry Conspiracy Theory saying that Harry and Louis might come out in the Watermelon Sugar video showing that they are finally together.

It’s not true!

Although this may suffice fans, the theory may not be as accurate as previously, Louis Tomlinson has expressed how the Larry ship has caused for strain in Harry and his relationship. We are all for whatever makes the boys happy!

And a couple of months later, it’s proven that it was just a conspiracy theory as Louis is happily with his partner Eleanor Caldron. Meanwhile, Harry Styles has found love in Olivia Wilde!