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Larray surprised his grandmother with her dream car!

Larri Merritt professionally known as Larray is a Youtuber who produces comedy videos. He is also a part of the collaborative TikTok house known as “The Hype House”. Larray recently posted a video on his YouTuber channel which is titled as ‘surprising my grandma with her dream car’.

The tiktoker shared in the video that it is about a very special person and that he has been trying to film it for the past two months. Larray also said in the video that he is going back to his hometown. And he is going to take out 10,000 dollars from his bank account and give it to random people in his hometown. Some people instantly recognized Larray and were really excited to see him. He also told people that all they have to do is call him pretty and he will give them money. Larray then proceeded to take some pictures with his fans as well. He also asked a girl to do a ‘G6’ note and the girl had no idea what a G6 note was. He told the girl about the G6 note which is somewhat like ” aa aaa aa” and then gave her some money as well.

The famous Youtube sensation also met a differently-abled girl and talked to her. She told Larray that she does not have insurance so he gave her a couple of thousand dollars. She also told him that she lost her job a week ago and started crying. Isn’t Larray the sweetest guys?

Larray talks about her Grandma’s dream car

Famous celebrity said that the first car he ever bought was his grandma’s dream car. She asked him if she can have his old car when he buys a new one but unfortunately, it broke down. So he planned on surprising her with a brand new version of that same car (PORCHE Macan). When his grandma arrived home, he said that I have news to share with you, and shared I am pregnant. Grandma just laughed it off.

Larray shared some beautiful and heart touching words with his grandma:

You have been my rock since day one. You are the only person who accepted me when I came out as gay. and I feel I should do something for you for doing so much for me.

Then he blindfolded her, took her outside, and showed her the car. Grandma screamed with excitement and then took Larray for a drive. I cannot stop crying guys, this video got me so emotional. Let us know in the comments down below if you have ever surprised someone with a memorable gift? Plus, it really doesn’t matter if the gift was big or small. It’s actually the gesture which counts.