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Larray Shades Jeffree Star After Moving into James Charles’ Old House

You may recall Larray as the popular TikToker that hangs out with literally everyone in the influencer industry. But there is one person that he has never hung out with and probably never will. That person is Jeffree Star. And the reason for that is simple. Larray is a loyal and true friend of James Charles. So, naturally, he shaded Jeffree Star the minute he got the chance.

Larray moved into James Charles old house

The TikTok star and now YouTuber shared that he has moved into a new house! Sharing the happy news, Larray revealed that it was actually James Charles’ old house.

He made the reveal saying:

um i moved as you guys can tell. You guys. This is my new house. Um I know what you’re thinking you know. Yeah. Yes, he used to live here.

Who’s he? Well…you already read the title, but here’s ‘he’ revealed:

larray reveals james charles

The clip is from James Charles giving a house tour of this house when he used to live here. Larray goes on to share that he loves living here and the vibes are nice:

My friend james just lived in this house. And you know it’s a cute house. You know the vibes are immaculate.

But Larray added that there was just one problem with this house.

I think this is haunted by Jeffree Star. I  have security camera footage of the paranormal activity stuff that goes around in this house.

Oh snap.

How effortlessly Larray can shade people is certianly a power! Larray even shared a clip of the “paranormal activity” that goes on. The TikTok star is seen walking up the stairs and then he hears a voice:

“hey everyone welcome back to my channel!”

Yes, this is indeed Jeffree Star’s mildly edited voice. This is the intro of his every YouTube video. A scared Larray then asks to the creepy voice, ‘Hello?’.

The voice then responds:

hi how are ya!

Another popular line that is a part of Jeffree Star’s into!

Larray then just seems so done and says:

Y’all got me f*cked up!

You need to watch this! Check it out here:


Why Larray shaded Jeffree Star

Larray is a friend everyone needs on their side. Hence, why he shaded Jeffree Star. So, this was probably the biggest dramas in the beauty community of YouTube. Many of you would already know this story.

But for those of who don’t. Let’s take a quick recap. James Charles and Jeffree Star’s mutual friend Tati Westbrook made an expose video on James. It included her personal frustrations and hurt that James caused her. But it also included in allegations of Tati Westbrook claiming that James Charles is a se*ual predator who preys on straight men.

During that drama happening, Jeffree Star added fuel to the fire stating that everything Tati is saying is ‘100% true’. Moreover, he called James a ‘danger to society’. Though, later Tati Westbrook apologized for making that video and so did Jeffree Star for his tweets.

Jeffree and Shane were making a docuseries together on the beauty world while they were releasing new makeup products together. At the same time, they included in James Charles X Tati Westbrook scandal in the trailer. But later on, they didn’t show any of what happened.

A couple of months later, the drama escalated further when Tati Westbrook took back what she said and claimed that she was ‘fed lies’ by Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson.

Later on, when Tati Westbrook claimed Shane and Jeffree had a lot to do with her drama with James Charles. Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star denied all allegations. And both have apologized to James Charles on camera. Even though, there were some instances of other YouTubers such as Blaire White and Kameron Lester claiming that Jeffree Star isn’t always speaking the truth.

James Charles has moved on

Larray became friends with James Charles after this scandal happened. It seems like James Charles found genuine friends such as Larray who would shade his ex-friends. Larray also helped James reconnect with his friend Emma Chamberlain.

Honestly, get you a friend like Larray!

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