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Larray and Noah Beck's style swap is hilarious

Larray and Noah Beck’s style swap is hilarious

So I was just going through my IG feed and found some very hilarious pictures of Larray and Noah Beck. Some of you might not know that Larray used to make vines. And now he is not just a TikTok content creator, but also a YouTuber. He also has a merch by the name of ‘Hey Girlies‘. On the other hand, Noah Beck is a TikTok content creator who also has a merch by the name of ‘Ur Luv’d‘. Which is currently sold-out. Noah is also planning to start his own YouTube channel very soon. Now let’s jump to Larray’s recent YouTube video ‘Style SWAP ft. Noah Beck, James Charles & Blake Gray‘. If you guys are feeling sad or depressed, you should just watch this video a couple of times because it’s hilarious AF.

Larray and Noah Beck Style Swap is going to make your tummies hurt

So we all know Larray really likes to do crazy stuff. A few days ago he posted a ‘Drunk Makeup Tutorial’. And another one in which he tried to start fighting with a bunch of celebrities.

“I want to do something crazy. With that being said, that means hanging out with straight boys. I am going to invite them in now. Come on beefy bit*hes..”

And the way he just introduced James Charles, Noah Beck, and Blake Grey made my stomach hurt from laughing even more.

“So as you guys can tell, I have a group of caucasians. We have caucasian gay (James), caucasian man (Noah) and caucasian man number two (Blake).”

Alright, so Noah and Blake are supposed to pick clothes for Larray. And Larray and James are going to pick clothes for Noah. This is hell a lot of fun.

You will be amazed to see Noah’s not very nice driving skills. And the way he hits Larray at 2:53 and a ‘Lawsuit’ alert pops up on the screen just made my jaw drop on the floor. Larray’s editing skills surely deserve an award.

And when James says ‘Hi’ to a fan at 5:37, Noah and Larray start saying ‘Fu*k you James Charles’. James facial expressions scream ‘murder’ and Blake’s like ‘What have I gotten myself into?’

Dayum!! Now what I am going to say next is literally going to make you all gag. You will notice a pop up at 6:26 which explains what Blake is exactly trying to say. He goes like “my ba*ls are actually sweating’.

And Larray goes like, ‘Blake Gray has just confirmed that all Sway House members have stinky ba*ls’. Uggghhh, my imagination is taking a hike on the gross hill. At 8:30 they decide to part ways for the shopping. And Larray goes like, ‘Bye sugar dads, get me something nice.’

Which outfits did Larray and Noah Beck pick for each other?

So James and Larry decide to pick a gay outfit for Noah.

“We should make him look really gay. Give the followers what they really want.”

And the boys decided to pick ripped jeans, a jacket with a hoodie, t-shirt, and tie&dye shorts for Larray.

Larray posted some pictures on his IG account and asked his followers to rate his and Noah’s outfits. I would give a solid 8 to Larray and a 100 to Noah. Because he is literally killing the whole look.

And before you all start coming out for Noah for wearing girly clothes just read what he had to say about this style swap.

“I don’t think clothes define se*uality.”

So it’s just a group of friends who are trying to have a good time together. And you are literally going to pee in your pants after watching this video.

Noah looks a little uncomfortable in those chic shorts. And Larray has actually contoured his abs to go shirtless. I mean these boys never fail to amaze us with their talent.

So Larray’s outfit got a zero from Blake and James. While Noah scored a four and seven. James even FaceTimed Dixie and asked her what she thinks about Noah’s outfit. And she goes like, ‘Your a*s looks fat’.

Let us know what you guys think about Larray and Noah’s outfits in the comments section. Peace out!