Lana Rhoades Pregnant With Mike Majlak’s Baby?

Well, Lana Rhoades surely knows how to stay in the spotlight. As she just shared the news of her pregnancy in a very unexpected way. Now before we go into details about Lana Rhoades being pregnant or whose baby she is carrying. We need to shed some light on the supermodel’s past/recent relationships.

Relationship And Work History Of Lana Rhoades

Alright, so we all know that Lana was married to a guy named BigDad when she was 18. According to some reports, BigDad got really upset after Lana joined the adult industry. And went really cold on her. The couple called it quits after almost spending five years together. You can also see some old videos of Lana Rhodes with BigDad on the internet. He was really rude to her. Apart from that, the supermodel has dated 5 other people in total. Which we really don’t know about.

Anyways, now let’s talk about Lana‘s time in the adult industry. According to AVN, the supermodel started her p*rn journey in 2016 and ended it by the end of 2017. This means that Lana practically worked in the p*rn industry for like a year or so. Since then, she has been focusing on creating innovative content for her followers on social media accounts.

Apart from that, the supermodel has also invested a huge amount of money in different online ventures. She is also running a very successful podcast by the name of “3 Girls 1 Kitchen” with Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams. And she has also modeled for famous brands like Pl*yBoy, FashionNova, La Perla, and many others.

Lana Rhoades’s Relationship With Mike Majlak

We have also seen Lana blooming like a sunflower when she started dating YouTuber Mike Majlak. These two started seeing each other last year in January. A lot of people started recognizing Mike because of the supermodel. And liked her presence in Mike’s Vlog channel known as “The Night Shift” on YouTube. But sadly, their relationship only lasted for a year. And no, everything was not gold and glitter for them.

They too had some good days and bad days. So I guess it’s safe to say that the couple struggled throughout their time together and even had multiple breakups. Mike even posted a video last year on 31st October with the title ‘we broke up‘. And earned loads of money through it. Fans also assumed that Mike made a pretend breakup video just for the sake of likes, followers, and money.

A couple of weeks later after the breakup video, Mike and Lana were spotted together arms in arms. Mike Majlak also apologized to his fans and girlfriend Lana. Then on February 18th (after 3 months of getting back together), Lana shared the breakup news with her fans on social media. And she pinpointed the fact that this time they are not getting back together.

The supermodel also appeared on the BFFs podcast recently and shared that she is crushing on some NBA footballer. And she would really like to marry him. And she even shared how upset she was with Mike for not moving in with her.

Is Lana Actually Pregnant With Mike’s baby?

Umm, so a couple of weeks ago Mike appeared on Harry Jowsey‘s podcast and shared that he is in constant contact with Lana. And they still talk, have s*xual intercourse, and hang out together. Which is very very surprising. He even mentioned at one point that Lana is showing interest in girls now. Now we really don’t know if we should believe what Mike is saying.

Or we should wait for Lana to pass a comment on this situation? But one really surprising thing is that Lana just replied to a fan’s tweet.


So in the tweet, the fan is accusing Lana of getting a Botox job on the forehead in a very impolite way. And further shares that her forehead is looking shiny too, for some reason. To which Lana replies with a very unexpected response:

“It’s actually pregnancy glow but go off *inserts heart emoji*.

Umm, as per Lana Rhoades’s ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak, he was/is the only guy who has been with Lana in a se*ual relationship. So there are chances that Lana is pregnant with Mike’s baby. And they broke up in mid-February. This means that if Lana is actually carrying Mike’s baby, then she is at least 12-13 weeks into her pregnancy.

So far, Lana or Mike have not passed any statement on this new revelation. But we really hope it’s not false news. Otherwise, Lana is going to lose credibility for all the things which she shared in her past.

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