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Lana Rhoades Boyfriend Alert | Who Is The Mystery Guy?

Alright, it’s been more than a year since Lana Rhoades parted ways with her YouTuber boyfriend, Mike Majlak. Everything was going fine between these two, but then Mike Majlak decided to create some havoc on the internet. He thought Lana Rhoades gets in his space all the time. On the other hand, he was going out partying with other women. And then there is this whole Lana Rhoades baby daddy controversy that we will discuss in a bit.

Moreover, Mike and Lana’s breakup was not very smooth. But they still decided to stay friends afterward. Lana also appeared in some of Mike’s Youtube channel ‘The Night Shift’ vlogs. Now let’s hop onto some spicy gossip about the supermodel. Last year, Lana Rhoades appeared on the BFFs podcast and spilled some tea about this mystery NBA player.

Though she didn’t say much about the guy, it was clear that even in her drunken state, she was smitten with that mystery NBA player’s beauty. And if we fast forward everything to this date, Lana Rhoades’s baby daddy is getting a lot of heat from her.

A Little History About What Has Been Going In Lana Rhoades’s Life

As we all know, Lana gave birth to a beautiful baby boy “Milo” at the beginning of this year. Since then, we have seen her taking care of the baby and being a super mommy. But we didn’t see some support from the baby’s mystery father. A couple of days ago, Lana posted a Tiktok in which she threw heavy shade at her baby Milo’s mystery daddy.

Keeping in mind that the supermodel likes to keep her private life private, then making a TikTok video and talking about her baby’s daddy looks pretty bizarre. She also appeared in the very famous Bradley Martyn’s Youtube podcast and showed some anger towards the father of her baby for not wanting to be with milo.

“I swear to GOD I thought NBA players were nice guys.”

We don’t know what happened between Lana Rhoades and her supposedly NBA star baby daddy. But we know that Lana will spill more tea and coffee beans about this person in the coming days. As per the supermodel, the baby daddy/NBA player asked Lana to f*-k herself. And he further said that he doesn’t want to do anything with the baby. Oh well, now we are really curious to find out more information about this guy. So we cannot wait for Lana to post more of these shady TikToks.

Note: We still need to figure out if the baby daddy is NBA star Kevin Durant or Blake Griffin.

Lana Rhoades & Mystery Guy | New Couple Alert?

Meanwhile, Lana is busy throwing shade at her supposedly NBA star baby daddy. She posted a picture with a hot hunk on her Instagram story. Now we don’t know anything about this mystery guy.

But he is hot. And all we could see was an expensive wristwatch and a silver ring on his pinky. Hmmm!! Also, the beard game is hard to miss. One thing is for sure this mystery guy is loaded. Moreover, the word “soulmate” is hard to ignore. We don’t know what Lana is trying to do by confusing us all with the NBA baby daddy drama and now this soulmate boyfriend/mystery guy. Moreover, Lana and Milo recently appeared in Mike Majlak Vlogs once again. And Mike’s photos with the baby are hard to miss.

Mike also posted a vlog in which he took Lana and Milo on a shopping spree. Woahhh!! I mean that’s really interesting.

A fan posted this comment which I am going to share with you guys (because I find it hilarious for some reason).

“Mike and Lana have the most confusing yet adorable relationship.”

Mike Majlak Vlogs-The Night Shift

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