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Lana Condor Was once told to act more like ‘Hello Kitty’

Lana Condor, the famous Asian-American actress talks candidly again on how she was belittled when asked to act more like Hello Kitty.

Lana Condor discloses that she was once told to ‘be more like Hello Kitty’. The actress said that she was once instructed to “be more like Hello Kitty”. This occurred when she was auditioning for an undisclosed project. An incidence that exemplifies the importance of Asian-American depiction in the entertainment industry.

Condor told Teen Vogue what she felt like when she was asked that question.:

“What the f-ck does that mean? “That’s so insanely ignorant and racist.”

The Vietnamese-American actress told Variety in another interview that she took the remark as an opportunity. Because she used this incidence to educate the casting director. The actress told her that she didn’t understand what the director meant.

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” actress also told Variety that:

“You kind of have to call that out, Also, Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth. As a woman, I’m like, ‘One, you want me to be more like Hello Kitty, but she doesn’t have a voice.’ That’s so insulting to me.”

Condor has been praised for playing Lara Jean. Lara is a character Jenny Han scripted and is based on the novel “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”. The movie is a film adaptation and Lara is a teenager of mixed Korean American descent in the film. The twenty-two-year-old will reprised the role in the sequel, “P.S. I Still Love You,” which came out on Feb. 12 on Netflix. She will also star alongside Brianna Hildebrand in a female comedy. This film is called “Girls Night” and it is scheduled to premiere later this year.

About Lana Condor:

Condor, who was born in Can Tho, Vietnam. She has long been an outspoken actress on matters about the discrimination she’s faced as an Asian-American actress and as an adoptee.

Last year, she told Who What Wear that she has also had to face remarks like she’s not “Asian enough”. Only because she was raised by white parents. She also said:

“I’m hundred percent Asian, and I’m also hundred percent American. My Asian American experience is different from someone else’s Asian American experience, and that’s okay.”