KSI's Lighter Vs Jake Paul's Fresh Outta London: YouTube Stats Reveal All

KSI’s Lighter Vs Jake Paul’s Fresh Outta London: YouTube Stats Reveal All

We all know Friday brings new music releases every week. This Friday had a lot of releases but almost of them got overlooked due to Taylor Swift’s Folklore dropping the same day. And Folklore did not have 7 or 8 songs. Taylor surprised her fans with 16 songs, all elegantly crafted by her. So it is safe to state that Taylor won the Friday release battle. But the other music releases were not bad at all. In fact, many fans got excited when it turned out both Jake Paul and KSI would be releasing their new songs the same day. It was a full-on battle between them. KSI released Lighter, while Jake Paul released Fresh Outta London. We all know the never-ending feud between these boys. Let’s see who won the battle.

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KSI Vs Jake Paul | Lighter Vs Fresh Outta London

KSI released his track Lighter a few hours before Jake Paul dropped his Fresh Outta London. While Jake rapped solo, KSI’s Lighter is a collaboration with Ella Henderson and British DJ Nathan Dawe. There is a huge contrast between the songs as well as the official videos dropped by the singers.

Jake Paul’s Fresh Outta London is filled with semi-nak*d women, parties, cars and the Team 10 house. In fact, at the beginning of the video before the song starts, a bikini-clad model asks Jake when he would be fighting KSI. Jake responds with:

Whenever he stops playing FIFA.

Another girl joins the chat and says “he tried to DM me”. The first girl says she also got a DM from him. But, referring to his private parts (a subliminal shade on KSI), the girl says “I heard it was like this”. By this, she meant very small.

Starting the official video of his song like that, Jake Paul showed he was going all in to beat KSI’s music scores. But did he succeed? We do not think so, as YouTube stats are showing a clear picture.

Jake Paul


You can see the number of views are not that different on YouTube. However, there is a huge difference of Likes and Dislikes. Some KSI fans also pointed out the fact that KSI did not host a huge party during ‘coronavirus pandemic’ to shoot his music video. Moreover, there were no nud* women, no expensive cars, no alcohol. The lyrics were not explicit as well.

On the other hand, Jake Paul ended up leaving his neighbors and the Mayor of the city enraged when he hosted the party to shoot his music video. He risked the health of all the people who took a part in the shoot.

KSI and Jake Paul were hyped up for their own music releases as well as the releases of their rival.

As far as the music is concerned, both songs sound good. Which one did you like better?


  1. Jake Paul definitely took this one
    Lighter just wasn’t hitting the way fresh outta london did
    Jake Paul started off the song with little jabs at ksi and had a great beat and a great flow
    As for ksi he had to rely on the people he worked with
    Jake Paul also showed people he can make good music

    • Jake Paul took this one, look at spotify numbers, how many people actually enjoy the song? Lighter hit so good just look at Spotify Numbers. Jake Paul showed how good music he can make? He didn’t even write the damn song. Ksi never had to rely on the people he worked with, he had a great flow, and he also went in the charts. Jake Paul is the one who had to rely on the people who wrote the song for him. Even paid rappers for shoutouts.

  2. How did jake paul win he didn’t write a single word in that song and claimed he did. He had a party without anyone wearing masks and endangering people which caused his mayor to get angry at him.
    JJ took that easy W

  3. He did not write it. It’s not possible that this guy can make crap songs like These days and then make an absolute hit song like Fresh Outta London. He did a ghostwriter thing like Ricegum and sang the whole of it to make his audience feel that he did all this. Song wise Jake paul’s song has a better tune and rhythm but still KSI takes the W in views.

  4. Well Jake got designer to ghost write and probably bought killjxsper’s “kill intro” (on his insta). Besides “genius isn’t credible” Spotify works like this by their own words “ Songwriter and producer credits are powered by the metadata provided to us by your label/distributor, so are displayed as delivered to us.” so he very easily can claim Spotify says this, kinda sis there aren’t any other writers so he appetantly made everything himself. I like how he went on IG going after KSI saying “KSI uses writers I didn’t… but I like working with writers to help” so which one is it?
    Lighter is a summer vibe, the bars on Fresh outta London are alright. But jakes lisp ruins it.

  5. Mizraim except Jake didn’t wrote his song it was great, Ksi wrote and preform his song and went better on single charts. But both songs are great

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