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Kris Jenner Shared Blac Chyna Allegedly Tried To Murder Rob Kardashian

American model, Blac Chyna filed a lawsuit and since then some legal battles are going on for years between Chyna and the Kardashians. In 2016, Chyna and Rob Kardashian confirmed their relationship. The couple engaged some months later. They have a daughter together. They had a reality show together but the name of ‘Rob & Chyna’. Then the couple parted ways and the show never got renewed. Due to this, Chyna filed a lawsuit against the famous family for ‘allegedly interfering with her reality show’s future’. Chyna is looking for ‘millions in compensatory and punitive damages’ from Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner. Previously, Chyna’s ex-boyfriend Tyga dated Kylie Jenner which led to some bad blood between Chyna and The Kardashians. However, later Chyna initiated a relationship with Rob Kardashian which calmed the storm for a while. She filed the lawsuit in 2017.

Kris Claimed Blac Chyna Attempted To Murder Rob Kardashian

On Friday, in a Los Angeles courtroom, Kris Jenner became emotional recalling a heated argument between Blac Chyna and her son Rob Kardashian. Kris alleged that Chyna put a gun to her son’s head in December 2016.

She said it was funny. Chyna said it was funny. a joke. It’s not funny I have horrible memories of being in Paris with my daughter outside an apartment.

Kris here is referring to the time when Kim got robbed in Paris. Thieves took $10 million worth of jewelry from Kim. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kris said:

While Rob’s situation was going on, Kim had just been dealing with Paris. He had a gun put at this head, and she was held at gunpoint and thrown into bathtub. That’s a lot to take as a mother.

Kris Jenner Didn’t Want To Call The Police

Upon hearing this, Chyna’s lawyer Lynne Ciani asked why no one called the police over such a serious situation. To which Kris replied that she had hope for Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

We didn’t put Chyna on the show and give her this fabulous life to be taken away. We created other opportunities. I was hopeful that it’d be OK. That’s why I didn’t call [the police].

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