Kim Kardashian Is No Longer A Part Of Blac Chyna Lawsuit

American model and socialite, Blac Chyna has filed a lawsuit against the Kardashians family. First, she dated the rapper Tyga. Tyga is also the father of her child. Later, Tyga started dating Kylie Jenner, the youngest Kardashian sister. This caused the initial conflict. Additionally, Blac Chyna started dating Kardashians’ brother Rob Kardashian in 2016. Moreover, they share a child together. The couple separated in 2017. Rob and Chyna also had a reality series of their own. However, they could not continue it. Chyna filed the lawsuit due to the ‘alleged interference’ of Kardashians. According to Chyna, they were the reason why her career could not proceed. In the recent trial, the attorney of Kim Kardashian has asked to remove her from the case of Blac Chyna.

Kim Kardashian removed from Blac Chyna Lawsuit

On Friday, the judge stated that Kim Kardashian will no longer be part of the defamation case against the Kardashian and Jenner family. The family attorney argued:

Because [Blac Chyna] has neither identified an allegedly defamatory statement by Kim Kardashian, nor specified an instance where she ratified an allegedly defamatory statement by another party, the claim against her must be dismissed.

According to the attorney, Blac Chyna did not properly identify the issue with Kim.

[Blac Chnya’s] vague assertion on the record during [her] argument that Kim Kardashian ‘ratified those statements and encouraged her sisters to make them’- without specifying how Kim Kardashian ratified them and to whom-is woefully insufficient to maintain a claim.

Judge’s Statement

A judge has accepted Kardashian-Jenner’s attorney’s request. According to the documents obtained by PEOPLE:

There is no evidence that defendant Kim Kardashian took a ‘responsible part’ in the publication of the alleged statement by other defendants.

The trial exposed the intricate details of the relationship between Rob and Chyna. Chyna recently stated on Twitter:

I am so thankful, that a jury will finally listen to what really happened behind closed doors. The lies that were told, and the damage that was done..At the end of the trial, I’m going to be alble to proudly tell King and Dream. That I did everything I could to right the wrong that was done to me. And that, in life, it is my hope that they will be able to stand up for themselves when it matters too.

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