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Kim Kardashian’s Former Employees Reveal Shocking Details About Horrible Working Environment

American media personality, Kim Kardashian, one of the famous Kardashian sisters, has been receiving a lot of criticism, and it’s not about Kanye. This one is about the treatment of her employees and the work environment she has created at her home and in business. As of the previous news, Kim has been getting sued by ex-employees for not paying them on time. Furthermore, the staff members are 7 in number and belong to her gardening and maintenance staff. One of her ex-employees, Andrew Ramirez, has sued Kim for $1,857.50 in sanctions. Ramirez also claimed that Kim is refusing to respond by herself. Now, former employees have given shocking details about the horrible working environment.

Kim Kardashian’s Ex Employees Expose Toxic Work Environment On Twitter

There are actual legal cases going on in courts against Kardashians Family. One of them includes the employees and the other one involves Blac Chyna. Some of Kim’s employees have taken on Twitter to bash the socialite and her working environment and unfair pay. One of the users named DeFino said:

I could only afford groceries from the 99 Cents Only Store, called out “sick” more than once bc I couldn’t put gas in my car to get to the office.

Another user on Twitter named Celene Zavala who works as an unpaid intern assistant shared her experience:

I worked my little college ass off for free for Kimberly. So I better get some addendum in her saying, “except Celene, she was amazing”.

She is now a programming director at CNN+.

DeFino Wrote An Article About Kim’s Working Environment

A woman named Jessica Defino who called out Kim Kardashian for her insensitive comments about working women wrote an article in VICE. In the article, she addressed the tone-deaf statements from the Kardashian sisters who take a lot of work from their employees but in return do not pay fair. She said:

I thought of the extra labor I put into stretching my salary. I thought of crying in my car because I wanted to get my f*cking a*s up… I wanted to be in that room

Jessica talked about the wage gap that widened after some time. She stated:

I wanted to climb the corporate ladder, whatever, I wanted to work. I just could not afford to get there.

Furthermore, she also admitted that she would panic as she could not afford a good lifestyle. She said:

I panicked, slapped at the steering wheel, and screamed. And then I cried.

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