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Kiernan Shipka Back to Dating Christian Coppola

The well-known star of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, Kiernan Shipka, has been in news for her role in the upcoming movie ‘Swimming with Sharks’. This movie is a reboot of 1994’s George Huang comedy-drama film starring Shipka, Diane Kruger, Kevin Spacey, etc. The 22-year-old has been linked to many stars indicating a romantic inclination such as with John Mayer, Lukas Gage, Charlie Oldman, and Christian Coppola.

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Dating History of Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan Shipka dated Christian Coppola the longest. Christian is linked to well known Coppola family. Christian is a distant relative of Francis Ford Coppola. Back on Shipka’s Instagram, a lot of posts can be seen dedicated to their relationship. In March 2019, a picture of Shipka, Coppola, and friends can be seen with the caption “r u going to Coachella?“. Moving on to more posts later, Kiernan Shipka has labeled herself as “Christian’s girl” and Christian as “my love”. Aw! despite Shipka not sharing much about her life story, fans still speculate when she is romantically involved with someone. Further, in May 2021, a picture of Shipka, Christian, and their dog was also posted with the caption “Healthy family”.

However, this story of a ‘healthy family’ has its twists. There’s always been a mystery around the dating life of Shipka because the actress refuses to give much of her private life out. Amidst Shipka’s dating Christian, there were rumors of Shipka dating BJ Novak who is one of the writers and producers of the show “Office”. However, there was no proper evidence to support this claim.

Additionally, in the middle of all this, Lukas Gage also had a role to play. He has been seen commenting romantic replies to Shipka to which she has replied with the same energy. No one ever got to know if it was staged or somehow this triangle was actually existing back then.

Shipka Back with Christian Coppola?

In February, Shipka was seen with John Mayer. John is a Grammy’s winning artist with a problematic history in the industry. He is 44 while Shipka is 22. In the pictures released, both stars can be seen hugging each other and that’s all.

As of the present, Kiernan Shipka recently shared a picture with her most visible boyfriend, Christian. The star captioned the picture with “Camera man” while she closely hugs him from the back. No one can actually tell what Shipka is up to, especially in her dating life, but she sure keeps her fans entertained and also leave room for curiosity.

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