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Kiernan Shipka (21) & BJ Novak (42) Have Been Seen Together A Lot, And People Are Confused

Kiernan Shipka (21) & BJ Novak (42) have been seen together a lot, and people are confused

Recently, Kiernan Shipka and BJ Novak has been hanging out a lot. But the nature of their relationship is still unknown. Are they dating or not?

In Hollywood, substantial age differences between couples are not a big deal. However, Kiernan Shipka and BJ Novak are making heads turn. Recently, they have been spotted in many places. Although there has been no PDA, people suspect that they are dating.

Although Kiernan Shipka never dated her co-stars, there were some rumors.

Throughout her career, Shipka has had memorable characters under her belt. From playing Sally Dapper to everyone’s favorite witch Sabrina, Kiernan Shipka grew up in front of our eyes. Despite her busy schedule, she has not ignored her love life. In 2019, rumors flew that Shipka might be dating Gary Oldman’s son, Charlie. The pair were spotted having dinner in West Hollywood. Similarly, Shipka and Oldman walked the red carpet at a movie premiere. However, they never confirmed their relationship. It seems that it did not last long, and they both moved on. Shortly after, Kiernan Shipka was linked with the director, Christian Coppola. Despite not confirming the relationship, the pair posted each other’s pictures on Instagram. At the same time, they posted comments, confessing their love for each other.

On the other hand, BJ Novak has been a little secretive about his love life.

Shipka and Novak have been hanging out recently, and people are curious.

More than once, they have been spotted at different restaurants. Despite their 21-year age gap, the pair seem friendly. So far, there has been no indication from Kiernan Shipka and Novak of the nature of their relationship. However, they have known each other for a long time. At Shipka’s 20th birthday, Novak was invited, and he attended. At the same time, Shipka wished him on his birthday in 2014 when she was only 14 years old. People speculate on all kinds of things as the news is coming out. However, there is no evidence to prove anything.

It is only a matter of days that the reality behind their relationship comes out. Meanwhile, let’s all collectively pray that BJ Novak is not one of the creepy dudes of Hollywood. Please!

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