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Kian & JC's The Reality House First Eliminations & A Surprise

Kian & JC’s The Reality House First Eliminations & A Surprise

Kian and JC are giving all other YouTubers a major FOMO by hosting The Reality House. It is a Big Brother Inspired reality show which has 12 YouTubers and 1 Elijah Daniels. The first episode went on air last Friday on 19th July. All the 13 contestants made introductions and they were busy enjoying the amazing house when Kian and JC dropped the bomb that they are starting games right away. And The Reality House First Elimination will have 3 people out of the house, leaving only 10 behind.

There are 13 of you guys and we only have room for 10.

The Reality House | First Challenge

The first challenge was pretty interesting. All the contestants had to write their names on volleyballs and throw them in moving trash cans (on wheels). People who would succeed in throwing the volleyball in the moving trash can, would stay while others leave the house. Dom was very much drunk. He wanted to write Wilson on his volleyball (Reference: Tom Hank’s Cast Away). But he soon realized the ball he was holding already had Wilson printed on it by the manufacturing company.

Crawford was the first one to score a landing. He was followed by Chad, Sarah, Jake, Lauren, Jenn, Elijah, Dom and Corey.

First Elimination | 3 Contestants Out

For The Reality House First Elimination, the persons left behind were Trisha, JC’s dad Omar, Zach and Kristen. It was their last chance. Anddddddd guess who survived. Trisha Paytas!!!! Yes, turns out she loves a challenge and she can throw a ball when it comes to survival. JC’s dad Omar was very sad to leave the house on the very first day. Lauren wanted Kristen to stay and trade her for someone else (Trisha?). Zach offered Dom $2000 to switch his place with him. In response, Dom offered him $6000 for a Tic Toc shoutout.

JC’s Reaction On Omar And Trisha’s Makeout Scene

Because most of the followers felt like gagging after the teaser of 2nd episode, YouTubers Kian and JC showed the whole kiss in the 2nd episode with camera hanging over Trisha and Omar’s faces. It was dedicated specifically to those persons who left eww comments on Twitter. Kian kept making cringey faces while JC was screaming, hiding his face under a pillow. Trisha Paytas even teased JC by saying she can conceive her little brother if they let her.

The Reality House First Elimination | Surprise!!!!

Kristen McAtee and Chad made a deal and Chad switched his place with her for $2000. Kian and JC approved the switch. However, they did warn Kristen that challenges will be getting harder.


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