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Kian & JC’s New YouTube Reality Show Has Trisha Paytas, LaurDIY & More

Kian Lawley and JC Caylen are famous YouTubers, running their YouTube profile as KianandJC. They are famous for their creative videos and cash prize challenges. The variety of videos include Mukbangs, staying in public restrooms, paying YouTubers to roast each other, buying all the sodas etc. Now, they have come up with a crazy and brilliant idea of putting few YouTubers in a single house. The idea is inspired by Big Brother and their previous challenge-based videos. However, this time, the winner takes home a cash prize of $25000. THAT’S HUGE !!! Trisha Paytas and LaurDIY are joining other youtubers for the contest.

Trisha Paytas, LaurDIY Join Kian and JC Challenge

The 13 YouTubers joining the KianandJC YouTube-Reality show include Trisha Paytas and Lauren (LaurDIY). Trisha Paytas has been to few reality shows already, including Big Brother itself. People are expecting more drama and feuds from her after the show goes on air. She is still dragging her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash on her social media handles. She says she is in the house because Kian and JC are cute.

Which indirectly means she is not there for the money.

LaurDIY (Lauren Riihimaki) is a Canadian YouTuber and Crafter. She is obsessed with DIY creativity. LaurDIY has a huge fan following, without any dramas. She recently shared few behind-the-scenes clips in her latest video. Unfortunately, she was not allowed to reveal more.

Release Date, Episodes and More

Initially, Kian and JC were planning for a 7 part reality show with 12 contestant YouTubers. However, now they have confirmed it will be a 10 part show with 13 YouTubers. Other contestants include Jake Webber, Jenn McAllister, Elijah Daniel, Dominic DeAngelis, Sarah Baska and more.  Few of the contestants have shared interesting reactions. Enjoy the teasers.

First episode comes out on 19th July. There have been fights during the shoot. So, do watch it.

Apparently, Elijah Daniel also tried hiding as well, just to win the damn game.

sorry to switch things up mid game, but your rules never stated i had to participate. just to be the last one to leave. good luck finding me in this fucking house.

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