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Kevin Hart's new movie 'Fatherhood' drops on Netflix this month

Kevin Hart’s new movie ‘Fatherhood’ drops on Netflix this month

Most of the people know Kevin Hart as a stand-up comedian but he has his fair share in acting and production as well. Kevin launched the Laugh Out Loud Network in 2017 in partnership with Lionsgate. Which is a subscription video streaming service. He started his career in stand-up comedy and won several standup comedy competitions at small clubs. But Kevin’s talents are not just limited to stand-up comedy.

He has starred in many movies like Night School, Get Hard and Central Intelligence, etc. All of Kevin’s movies are comedy. But the star has started to take more serious roles. His upcoming project is Borderline films, in which he is doing a different role than usual.

Kevin Hart’s new movie coming out?

Looks like the comedian has stepped into the Hollywood world and signing high-budget films. Kevin Hart has been doing stand-up comedy and comedy movies for a while now but he has decided to take some serious roles from now on. His new Netflix movie ‘Fatherhood’ is releasing this month. The movie is releasing just in time for Father’s day. Kevin shared a new clip from the movie recently. He posted the clip on his Instagram.

In the video, Kevin enters a room full of women and points to her baby girl and says:

She just went to sleep but she has been crying for hours. I mean, hours.

To which one of the women replies that this is a group of new mothers. Kevin responds to her that she is lying because the board outside says it’s for new parents and I am a new parent who does not know what he is doing.

He furthermore adds:

I don’t have nobody else to talk to about this sh*t. Speaking of sh*t. The girl’s got some stuff flying out of her a*s that’s like a fire horse.

If you watch the promo, you can clearly see that the movie tells us the story of a single dad who does not know what he is doing but he just wants the best for his baby girl. Kevin also incorporates his sense of humor in some scenes as well. He is single-handedly taking care of his kid because his partner died a tragic death. The movie shows how it’s very hard for single parents to manage everything.

Well, we just can’t wait to see Kevin’s amazing acting skills in the movie which will be releasing on 18th of June.