Did Kevin Hart know about Chris D'Elia since 2015?

Did Kevin Hart know about Chris D’Elia since 2015?

Did Kevin Hart know about Chris D'Elia since 2015? Here's a clue from the time when Hart introduced D'Elia on Comedy Central's roast of Justin Bieber.

Many people were left in shock when sexual harassment allegations came to light against Chris D’Elia. However, it’s often not that big of a shock for people who are part of the industry. They get to see these stars up close and can see and judge them from their patterns. But, according to an old clip from Justin Bieber’s roast on Comedy Central, it seems like Kevin Hart knew about Chris D’Elia long before anyone else.

Kevin Hart may have known about Chris D’Elia years ago

Did Kevin Hart know about Chris D'Elia since 2015?

So, the year was 2015 and Justin Bieber was being roasted by a bunch of comedians and his close friends. One of them was Chris D’Elia, whose comedy Bieber is a big fan of. And it was Kevin Hart who welcomed him on stage, with these words:

I know everybody is excited about this and if you didn’t know, he’s a star of the NBC show Undatable. And Chris’s standup is actually unwatchable. I’ve seen it, it hurts. He is Justin Bieber’s favorite comic, which is why he has “duh” in the middle of his name. Please welcome future rapist, Chris D’Elia.

Here’s a clip from a YouTuber who edited the clip from the roast:

sddefault Chris D'Elia

Of course, rape jokes are never funny but before the #MeToo movement, it’s difficult to expect much decency from comedians on Comedy Central. But now that we have the advantage of hindsight, is it fair to say that there’s a chance Hart really knew about D’Elia and his alleged inappropriate behavior. And that’s not something rare to happen.

People also knew about Harvey Weinstein

In the case of Harvey Weinstein, a vast majority of the actors and other big names who worked with him knew about his predatory behavior. That included Ben Affleck, Colin Firth, Quentin Tarantino, as well as many others. Therefore, suggesting that Kevin Hart had knowledge about Chris D’Elia’s behavior is not far-fetched. And if the women hadn’t come forward against D’Elia, it’s likely that he would have never been exposed either.

Last year in June, multiple women came forward against Chris D’Elia and accused him of sexual misconduct. This also included sexually inappropriate behavior with underage girls. Furthermore, two more women came forward in September with allegations that D’Elia exposed himself in front of them. Since the allegations, D’Elia has released some emails and conversations with a few of the victims and has denied all the other allegations. But, most of the women have still not heard from him. D’Elia has also been off the grid ever since and has made no comments apart from the ones through his legal team.

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