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Kenny KO’s analysis on whether Mike Thurston is Natural or Not?

Controversial YouTuber Kenny Boulet calls out fitness professional Mike Thurston in one of his recent videos. The response comes after Mike claims to be natural in a video. However, Kenny KO is not satisfied and explains why it cannot be true.

Kenny KO is a 100% sure that Mike Thurston is Not Natural

Kenny KO produces some of the most controversial and interesting fitness related content. Some of the most viral YouTube videos on his channel came from calling out Hiba Ali and Brad Castleberry. Unlike Mike Thurston, Hiba Ali and Brad Castleberry were called-out for using fake weights.

With over 18 million views on video about Hiba Ali titled “Calling her out about fake weights in person“, it is still the most viewed video on Kenny KO’s channel to date. Some of Kenny Boulet’s videos on Brad Castleberry have been viewed by millions as well and some say that these two individuals are the reason behind Boulet’s popularity.

Let’s jump back to our main topic, Mike Thurston. It’s not the first time Kenny is calling someone out on the subject. However, it is the first time he is questioning Mike’s natty or not status. Natty means natural in the fitness community.

Kenny KO also clarifies the Mike Thurston has an amazing physique and has no issues with his workout routines, diet plans or work ethics. Just like he completely respects Hiba Ali and Brad Castleberry’s work ethics.

This isn’t at all to bash his physique, in fact he has an amazing one. Hence why Mike Thurston gets featured and is being questioned on whether he’s natural or not.

Kenny KO thinks that it’s really hard to stay shredded while gaining muscle. Especially when someone is able to retain the same proportions throughout the year. That’s when the usage of steroids becomes obvious. While talking about his incredible physique, Kenny KO refuses to accept that Mike’s natty.

I’m gonna say he is unnatural. People come up to me and say they take Pro-hormones or they have taken them in the past and now they’re natural. No! you’re definitely not natural if you’ve used any gear at any point in your life.

Kenny Has No Issue With Fitness Influencers Using Steroids

Boulet has been quite clear about one thing. He has no issues with anyone using steroids. The problem arises when fitness influencers mislead their followers and claim to attain those incredible physiques naturally. Let’s see if Thurston has anything to say in response. Dankanator will keep you updated.

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