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Kendall Jenner’s Afro Hair in Vogue: Cultural Appropriation?

Three days ago Vogue posted a photograph Of Kendall Jenner on their Instagram account and the internet lost its cool. Everything in the photograph looks beautiful. Kendall Jenner has minimal makeup and is wearing an old-fashioned, cream-colored dress. However, people are angry at Kendall’s Afro hairstyle. People are furious and are calling Vogue out for Cultural Appropriation.

Vogue Issues An Apology

Vogue finally came out with an apology to appease their upset audience. They have apologized for using Kendall’s photographs. And rightfully so, as she is seen donning an Afro hairstyle to promote their CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Prize.

The photos received severe criticism. The magazine came out with a clarification stating that they were inspired by the romantic hairstyles of the Edwardian/Gibson Girl era. They wanted to do an updated look.

Vogue stated that the Afro hairstyle suits the period feel of the Brock Collection. For them, it was a great reminder of the big hair from the ’60s and ’70s. The puffed-out and teased look of the hairstyle lends more authenticity to the shoot. Vogue clarified that they were apologetic if it came across differently from what they had intended. They had no ill intentions regarding it.

Kendall Jenner Stays Silent

After Kendall reposted the photograph on her Instagram page her fans were considerably upset.
So far, Kendall has failed to respond to the accusations of Cultural Appropriation and has decided to stay silent regarding the Afro hairstyle controversy.

Back in April 2017, Kendall appeared in one of the most controversial advertisements of the year. Who can forget the tone-deaf Pepsi commercial starring Kendall Jenner, which was shot in light of the Black Lives Matter movement?
Kendall did not address the Pepsi commercial immediately after it went viral in the media. She later revealed to Vogue in April 2018, that her intention was not to hurt anyone by it. After the Pepsi commercial backlash, she hid out until it became old news and people began to forget about it. Kendall claimed that she felt hurt because she had hurt other people with her actions.

In May 2017 Indians criticizes Kendall Jenner for her special cover on the Vogue India. Citizens wondered why Vogue couldn’t have opted for an Indian celebrity or model instead of an American celebrity.

Afro Hairstyle Received With Mixed Feelings

People don’t understand why Vogue could not feature a woman of color for this hairstyle. However, some commentators believe that Vogue did not intend to cultural appropriation. Instead, it was just fashion that guided the way for them. Many women of color have also commented that the hair is barely an Afro and looks slightly teased instead. More like the frizzy hair trend from the Industrial age. They aren’t offended by Kendall’s hairstyle and believe Vogue captured it well. They saw no need for the magazine to apologize.

Sadly, whatever your views are on Kendall’s hairstyle situation, the conversation has distracted people from Vogue’s Fashion Fund Prize. The main aim of the prize was to create a true sense of community between designers of all ages and backgrounds who care and communicate with each other through fun and not-so-fun times. That essential message is lost in the hubbub.