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Keira Knightley Shares Why Harvey Weinstein Did Not Target Her

Keira Knightley Shares Why Harvey Weinstein Did Not Target Her

Keira Knightley has shared why she never became a target of Harvey Weinstein, and that's because she had some certain amount of power.

y this time, everybody is already aware of one of the most significant movements in Hollywood. The #TimesUp brought down famous producer Harvey Weinstein who was accused of sexual harassment by many women in the industry. Moreover,  #MeToo has brought down many influential figures in Hollywood. And that includes Bill Cosby to Andy Dick. But it looks like people are still opening up about how they ended up being victims of Weinstein. Recently, the fearless and talented actress Keira Knightley shared why she did not become a target of the famous producer. Although she has done two movies with his company, she was not a victim. But Knightley knew he was a womanizer, but she thought it was consensual. And her power kept Weinstein off her!

While talking about her 2018 film Colette, Knightley opened up about the feminist context that the movie narrates. She said that the movie was made when feminism was becoming culturally acceptable. And maybe that’s why it got financing. The plot, which allows Keira Knightley to leave her abusive husband, is framed in the #TimesUp and #MeToo context. And the actress acknowledges that the movie is revolutionary for women, but the voguish themes are by accident, not design.

Moving forward and commenting on Harvey Weinstein’s situation, Knightley shared that she was not targeted despite doing two films with The Weinstein Company. She admits that she knew the man was an absolute bully and womanizer, but she thought it was consensual. She believes she never became a victim because she had a certain amount of power when she met him. She added that,

But if you’re at the beginning of your career and he’s the top of the industry then of course you don’t have the power to say f**k off.

Keira Knightley continued that women need equality to be safe. And considering all that happened in Hollywood this last year, it’s pretty much the gist.