Keemstar wants Ethan Klein cancelled for wearing ‘White face’

According to Keemstar, Ethan Klein should be canceled for offending white people and wearing a white face in a new podcast.

According to Keemstar, Ethan Klein is offending white people and should be canceled. Recently, Twitch banned Hasan Piker from using the word ‘cracker.’ After this, Piker and Klein poked fun at this and played ‘white people bingo’ on their podcast, Leftoverz. However, the Drama Alert host does not find it funny and claims they will have to apologize after five or ten years.

It is no secret that Keemstar and Ethan Klein are mortal enemies.

Last year, Keemstar and Ethan Klein started a feud that is still ongoing. Although they are not actively spewing venom at each other, there are moments when they attack each other. It all began when Klein had had enough of Drama Alert host accusing others of being a pedophile. In a detailed video titled Content Nuke, he called out the fellow YouTuber. Similarly, Keemstar also came back with several jabs at Klein. At one point, the H3 YouTube channel was banned for two weeks. According to Klein, his fellow YouTuber used his contacts to report his channel and ban it. In May last year, the Drama Alert host challenged his enemy to a boxing match. However, Ethan Klein claimed he didn’t want to hit him; he just wanted him to stop ruining lives.

A few days back, Ethan Klein and Hasan Piker addressed his ban from Twitch

Last week, Hasan Piker was banned from Twitch after using the word, cracker. In response to this, Ethan Klein tweeted:

Nobody was offended when I did white face because it’s a stupid joke with no real consequences & no history of oppression. Twitch banning “cracker” is giving oxygen to white identity politics & putting white grievances on equal footing with actual oppressed people.

At the same time, Keemstar’s enemy and Piker came together to poke fun at this on their podcast, Leftoverz. In the latest episode, they played white people bingo while sitting in a ‘hot tub’ full of crackers. Similarly, they asked each other about ‘white people culture.’

In response to this, Keemstar called out Klein for offending white people.

On an episode of the AugieRFC podcast, Keemstar expressed his views about Ethan Klein and Hasan Piker making fun of the term cracker. According to him, someone should save the thumbnail of their Leftoverz episode. In the next five or ten years, making fun of white people will be as offensive as other ethnicities and races. At that point, Ethan Klein will come forward with his apology, which would not mean anything. Therefore, Keemstar claims he should be canceled now. At one point, he wanted to know if Hasan Piker was white enough to joke about all of this.

Despite his attack, Ethan Klein seems unfazed and unbothered.

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