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Keemstar gets obliterated on social media after posting picture with 20-year-old ‘assistant’

Keemstar attended Jake Paul's boxing match with his 20-year-old assistant and people could not stop trolling him on Instagram.

It seems that Keemstar is once again dating a 20-year-old. Last weekend, he attended the boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley. At the event, a young girl accompanied him who apparently, is his assistant. According to her bio, Brantley is 21 years old. However, people did not receive this update well. Instantly after he uploaded the picture, people started trolling him and poking fun at him.

Few months back, Keemstar announced his breakup from his girlfriend

Previously, Keemstar was labeled a predator for dating girls who were 19 years younger than him. From Ethan Klein to Trisha Paytas, everyone criticized him. In August, he announced that he and Christine Youngman have broken up. Shortly after, people poked fun at Keemstar and called him out for having a relationship with a 20-year-old. In response to that, he claimed that his enemies and ugly women have a problem with the age gap. At the same time, he proudly posted that he was taking applications for a new girlfriend. A few days later, Keemstar claimed in a podcast that he actually had two 20-year-old girlfriends.

Over the weekend, Drama Alert host attended Jake Paul’s boxing match

On Saturday, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley fought in a rematch where the YouTuber knocked out the UFC champion in the last round. In attendance were social media personalities and influencers including Keemstar. Along with him, he took his 21-year-old assistant, Brantley. In an Instagram post, he shared a picture of himself and the assistant and wrote:

Great Night Great Fight! Congrats @jakepaul

Interestingly, Brantley has also shared a couple of pictures of herself and Keemstar on her personal Instagram profile. According to her, he is the best boss anyone could ask for.

Shortly after sharing the picture, people badly trolled Keemstar.

After Keemstar shared the picture, many assumed that it’s his new girlfriend. Therefore, people started trolling him and poking fun at him for dating yet another younger girl. One person said:

Just picked her up from nursery

Meanwhile, several people called it father-daughter bonding.

Another person said:

Picked that one up from the after school program aye?

According to one person, Keemstar is a young women groomer.

On the other hand, one person mentioned an important thing and said:

Damn keem you couldn’t wait till she got her braces off at least

In short, people had a field day with Keemstar’s new picture. Despite the intense trolling, he has not responded yet.

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