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Keemstar Loses Thousands Of Followers After Announcing Retirement

Keemstar loses thousands of followers after announcing retirement

After Keemstar announced his retirement from YouTube, he started to lose followers on Twitter and subscribers on Drama Alert channel.

After Keemstar announced his retirement from YouTube, people started unfollowing him on social media. In a YouTube video, he explained why he was retiring and listed all the reasons. At the same time, he hinted that there would be someone new hosting Drama Alert. After the news, many speculated that he might have said it for views or attention. However, it seems that he is actually retiring. In response to the news, Ethan Klein shared his thoughts about it in his latest video.

According to Keemstar, he is no longer having fun.

First, he made the announcement on Twitter, stating that he would explain the reasons for his retirement in a detailed video. While announcing it, Keemstar also pointed out that some people would be pleased. In the video, he said that the YouTube community used to be close-knit and selected. However, things have changed over the years, and the world of YouTubers is growing daily. At the same time, Keemstar pointed out the many changes YouTube has made to the platform. He has to go through many steps for the platform to get the viewer’s attention. Therefore, he finds it challenging to keep up. Similarly, Keemstar thinks that there is so much going on all the time he does not get time to take a break. It is hard to keep up with the news 24/7. Therefore, he has decided to retire on his 40th birthday, which is in March. However, he will try to find someone to replace him.

After he announced his retirement, Ethan Klein responded.

In the latest video on the H3H3 channel, Ethan Klein shared his views about Keemstar retiring. Straight away, Klein expressed his hatred for his mortal enemy. He called Keemstar the most horrible person on and off the internet. At the same time, he listed all the terrible things he has done in his career. From bullying other YouTubers to pushing Etika to suicide, Klein did not hold back. At the same time, he accused the Drama Alert host of harassing him and his family. Previously, Klein and Fietosa of Defnoodles have alleged that Keemstar reported their accounts to Twitter and YouTube.

After Keemstar announced the news, he started to lose followers on social media.

According to reports, his fan following is not the same. Right after he announced his retirement, Keemstar lost 10,000 subscribers on YouTube in one day. At the same time, the number of subscribers is declining every day. This has also led to him losing an average of 30k subscribers per month. On the other hand, 15k people unfollowed Keemstar on Twitter last month. Currently, he has 2.8 million followers on Twitter and 5.76 million subscribers on YouTube.

With this news, is it safe to say that it is the official end of Keemstar on social media? Let us know in the comments.