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Keemstar Receives Massive Backlash For "Lecturing" Hasan Piker On Racism

Keemstar receives massive backlash for “lecturing” Hasan Piker on racism

After Keemstar tried lecturing Hasan Piker on racism, people trolled him badly and reminded him of his own racist past.

Recently, Keemstar tried to lecture Hasan Piker on racism. However, he instantly received backlash and was trolled. A few weeks ago, Piker got banned from Twitch for using the term cracker. According to the Drama Alert host, Piker was being racist and inappropriate. Therefore, people should not listen to him. However, people came for him and reminded him that he had used the N-word a lot.

A few weeks ago, Hasan Piker and Ethan Klein poked fun at his Twitch ban.

According to Hasan Piker, he got banned from Twitch for using the term cracker. After that, Ethan Klein and Piker made fun of the ban and white people, insisting that it was racist on their podcast, Leftoverz. During the episode, they played white people bingo while sitting in a tub full of crackers. While they seemed to enjoy it, Keemstar was not happy.

In a podcast appearance, he claimed that Klein and Piker would regret this behavior after five or ten years. Moreover, he claims that there will be a time when people will find it racist and offensive to wear a white face.

On Twitter, Keemstar tried to lecture Piker and talked about racism

Keemstar Receives Massive Backlash For "Lecturing" Hasan Piker On Racism
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After Piker’s ban was lifted, he talked about it in a stream. According to him, multiple people use offensive names but are not banned from Twitch. In response to this, Keemstar tweeted:

Racism is racism no matter what race is being targeted. There has been no remorse for his words / actions. It’s more than fair to call him racist at this point. When platforms make rules on racism those rules protect EVERY RACE. Not just the ones you like.

At the same time, Keemstar addressed people and urged them to ignore Klein and Piker. According to him, they do not have good intentions and will lead to disaster. He also told people to avoid listening to them as they set them up for failure. Similarly, he emphasized that people would end up in trouble.

Shortly after Keemstar posted the video, people trolled him and made fun of him

In response to the video, people instantly reminded him about his own racist past. According to people, he used N-word frequently. According to one Twitter user:

I like how he frames this more to not saying or being racist openly cause itll get you in trouble rather then it being just wrong in general

Meanwhile, another person said:

The funny thing is he’s so concern about Hasan’s complexion and says He’s not white, isn’t that gatekeeping on who is or isn’t white? SUS

One person reminded Keemstar about an important thing.

Furthermore, people made fun of his attire and hair dye.

People did not hold back.

Despite the backlash, Keemstar is not backing down and has engaged in a new feud with Ethan Klein and Hasan Piker. Let’s see where this one ends.