Keemstar Fans Are Loving Keem Kosmetics Palette

Keemstar Fans Are Loving Keem Kosmetics Palette

Remember when Drama Alert YouTuber Keemstar released a launch video of his all-new makeup palette by ‘Keem Kosmetics?’ Everyone was downright confused about whether it was all banter or actually real. We did some digging and found out that orders did go through. And later, all the palettes were sold out according to Keemstar. Well, Keem Kosmetics’ palette was no joke. Because it’s out there and fans are loving it.

Keemstar Kosmetics Palette

First, let’s brief you on Keemstar makeup and what it really consists of. Basically, the theme of Keem Kosmetics is “unleash your inner clown” and that’s what the palette is all about.

What you get is an eyeshadow/face palette with 9 bold and bright shades for funky looks.  You also get a blender sponge, shaped like a red clown nose.

The shades range from red, orange, blue, purple, and pink as well as black and white. All the shades in the palette are matte.

What truly makes the Keemstar Kosmetics’ palette stand out is the shade naming. He really threw some shade at the YouTube community. e.g. ‘kitchen floor’ is hinting at Trisha Paytas. Another shade, ‘Jake’s Secret’ is for Jake Paul. The shade ‘Fazed’ is aimed at FaZe Banks. And ‘Drama Alert’ is a shade named after himself.

The palette was sold at $23.99.

Fans are loving Keemstar Kosmetics palette

The palette is now in the hands of those who managed to order it in the first-go. This is a true shock for those who thought Keemstar was simply messing around. Many doubted it as a scam.

But the palette is out there and being tried and tested. And guess what? Fans are loving it and it’s getting some good reviews!

Keemstar tweeted one of the YouTube channels that reviewed his palette. YouTuber Taylor Lee admitted that she had ordered the palette “as a joke” but it really came through.

She swatched every shade on her arm, and was impressed with the pigmentation. After this, she created a beautiful colorful look using the palette. And even we love how it turned out!

“For it being Keemstar, it’s a good palette.”

“The blendability is really good. Keemstar, he really did that. I think it’s good. I like it.I love the nose, I love the colors, I kinda like the fact that it’s signed.”

Even Keemstar did not see it coming

Interestingly, ‘Drama Alert’ YouTuber Keemstar also reacted to the incoming reviews. He posted to his Twitter,

That ‘LMFAO’ at the end, though. It seems that the palette was in fact, planned and created completely as a joke. But it not only got reviewed, but also fans actually liked it. Success for Keemstar!

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