Keemstar Confesses Working With Person Who's Suing Ethan Klein

Keemstar confesses working with person who’s suing Ethan Klein

According to a newly surfaced video, Keemstar might be working with Ryan Kavanaugh who is filing a lawsuit against Ethan Klein.

It is no secret that Keemstar and Ethan Klein are arch-enemies. However, things are about to hit the fans as Klein faces multiple lawsuits. Recently, Triller co-founder, Ryan Kavanaugh sued him for comparing him with Harvey Weinstein. At the same time, it was reported that he previously filed a lawsuit against Klein for stealing views and causing him a loss in millions. According to new reports, The Drama Alert host might have joined hands with Kavanaugh to help him build a case against Klein. On his podcast, Ethan Klein discussed this matter.

After Klein got fed up with Keemstar’s reporting, he called him out and this began a huge conflict

When Keemstar started making videos on Drama Alert, Ethan Klein called him out. According to him, he has built his career by lying about other YouTubers. His video, Content Nuke, about Keemstar became hugely popular. Since then, these two have been feuding. After Drama Alert host reported Klein’s channel, YouTube suspended it for a week. In response to that, Ethan Klein has been calling him out over every interview and comment. At the same time, Keemstar invited Trisha Paytas to his podcast after their falling out with the Klein family.


Few months ago, Triller co-founder Ryan Kavanaugh filed a lawsuit against Ethan Klein

According to Kavanaugh, Klein has defamed him and compared him with Harvey Weinstein. At the same time, he claimed that Klein encouraged his followers to do the same. Similarly, he accused the H3 host of paying Wikipedia editors to destroy his Wikipedia page. He said:

“Klein coordinated an attack removing almost anything that could be seen as positive and replacing it with an onslaught of negative, intentionally misleading, and inaccurate information.”

In response to this, Klein tweeted:

Ryan Kavanaugh is trying to get my channel banned from YouTube – a powerful media person who has gone to every length to destroy me for criticizing him. Everyone needs to pay attention NOW. Not only is fair use on the line but POWERFUL trying to shut down channels for criticism

Therefore, Kavanaugh sued him and his wife, Hila Klein. Previously, Kavanaugh sued Keemstar enemy number one when he shared a clip of Jake Pual vs Ben Arksen’s boxing match. According to Triller co-founder, Klein caused him to lose millions because of the stolen views.

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According to Klein, Keemstar has joined hands with Kavanaugh

Keemstar Confesses Working With Person Who's Suing Ethan Klein

In a recent video of the H3H3 podcast, Ethan Klein shared a clip of Keemstar where he talked about the lawsuit. On a podcast, The Goonies, Keemstar claimed that he has nothing to do with the lawsuit. However, he is doing business with Ryan Kavanaugh which will become public soon. In response to this, Klein poked fun at him and said that it is not possible for the Drama Alert host to not talk about him. Furthermore, he again made fun of Keemstar when he discussed his wealth with The Goonies podcast host. According to Klein, only 44 people were watching the podcast which is an insult for someone who claims to be so popular.

So far, Keemstar has not responded to this but that is inevitable.

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