Keemstar Claims He's Not White Because His DNA Analysis Says He's 9% "African

Keemstar claims he’s not white because his DNA analysis says he’s 9% “African.”

According to Keemstar, he is 9% African and that means he is not white. He revealed this information during a Twitter Space.

Although Keemstar has announced his retirement, he is still trying to stay relevant. Recently, he claimed that he could use the N-word as he is not white. Apparently, his DNA test reveals that he is 9% African. During a Twitter Space, the Drama Alert host started a feud with someone and labeled them racist. Later, he took this conflict to Twitter and presented it with the results of his DNA test.

According to many, Keemstar is the boogeyman of YouTube.

Initially, he got famous after bullying and trolling other players while playing Halo 3. However, things got terrible, and Keemstar became the ultimate villain. After trolling people, he started to use racist slurs and accused a 62-year-old of being a pedophile. However, there was no truth to it, and Keemstar had to apologize. In the end, he took some time off the internet and returned with a YouTube channel called Drama Alert. According to him, the channel is a new source of entertainment, celebrity gossip, and viral news. In reality, it is another way for him to make fun of other people. A few weeks back, he announced that he would retire from YouTube on his 40th birthday. Only days later, he again made headlines when he claimed to be dating two 20-year-olds.

Recently, Keemstar claimed that he is not white and is 9% African.

During one of his Twitter Spaces, he began arguing with a listener over the N-word. According to a person named Corn, he had a pressing matter to discuss. When Keemstar asked him to go ahead, Corn said:

So like, bro, you and me, we’re white. I just feel like we should be able to say the N-word.

To this, Keemstar stated that he was 9% African according to the DNA testing. In response to this, Corn claimed that he is 1% African, which is why he uses the N-word in his tweets. After this, the Drama Alert host warned him that it was racist and that he will remove him from Space. Shortly after, the two took this feud to Twitter. In a tweet, Corn said:

nigga said 9% african bro ur white

To which, Keemstar posted his DNA test results and said;

I got receipts b***h a**

Needless to say, the feud was lame and embarrassing.

After his claims to not be white, people had a lot to say and reacted to the feud.

It is no secret that Keemstar has more haters than fans. Interestingly, he does not make it easier to like him. After his 9% African claim, people reacted and expressed their views about the matter. According to one person:

He is just desperate for attention. He will say and do probably most anything for some clout or attention

On the other hand, another person claimed that 9% might be because the Keemstar family had done horrible things to slaves. Meanwhile, many wondered why he still has a platform and is not retiring already.

Another person thought that he was embarrassing himself and his fans.

Despite the backlash and constant criticism, it seems that Keemstar does not really care. In fact, he stays in the news because of this. Let’s see what he comes up with tomorrow.

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