Keemstar gets brutally roasted by Twitch Streamer Amid His Misogynistic Comments

It is no secret that almost everyone on Twitter is a savage. However, one might think that influencers and YouTubers might be exempt from this savagery. Absolutely not! Recently, Keemstar faced an awkward situation. In a tweet, Twitch streamer, Essaere roasted him and poked fun at his age. Needless to say, people crowned her the queen of savagery.

Apart from being a YouTuber, Keemstar is best known for his feud with Ethan Klein

As we all know, feuds and conflicts are a daily routine thing in the world of YouTubers and social media influencers. At the same time, having mortal enemies among YouTubers is also a common thing. Similarly, Keemstar and Ethan Klein make it no secret that they hate each other. Although they have been criticizing each other for years, their feud heated again last year. In a series of video, Keemstar and Klein called each other out. At the same time, Mom’s Basement host reported H3H3 channel to YouTube CEO. When Trisha Paytas left Frenemies and started their war with Klein, Keemstar invited them to his podcast. On the other hand, Klein has criticized the YouTuber for dating young girls. He was also criticized by people for this.


Recently, he broke up with his 20 year old girlfriend

Since he started dating 20-year-old Christine Youngman, his relationship has been under scrutiny. According to people, Keemstar seems like a predator to date a girl 19 years younger than him. Paytas and Klein took advantage of this and started a smear campaign online. However, the couple called it quits and Drama Alert host posted an update on Twitter. In a video, he said:

Me and the girlfriend broke up. But it’s okay, things happen and not everything can be permanent. The good news is that I’m currently single and accepting applications.

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After Keemstar updated his status, Twitch streamer brutally roasted him

Looks like Keemstar is on a mission to find another young woman. In another tweet, he shared pictures of some women and wrote:

You guys keep telling me to date someone my own age. I googled “39 year old woman”. I will not be listen to you guys. If you remember where you were on 9/11 I’m not interested.

In response to this, Twitch streamer, Essaere wrote:

I think you should just fall off the face of the planet. Just my humble opinion.

Obviously, Keemstar was not going to stay quiet. He wrote:

Damn, I seen one of ya streams and thought ‘what kind young lady’. I’m highly disappointed in this aggression towards me and I will no longer be having such a favorable opinion of you.

This prompted a savage response from Essaere who said:

We all know you were just checking my profile to see if i’m under 21

After this epic burn, Keemstar resort to stay quiet. However, there is a lot of activity happening on his Twitter at the moment. I’m pretty sure many feuds will come out of this.

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