Kanye West Responds to Trevor Noah Calling Him Out For Harassing Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Responds to Trevor Noah Calling Him Out For Harassing Kim Kardashian

So, Trevor Noah is an all-round great guy. And the host of The Daily Show addresses very serious matters in a very light-hearted way. And his satirical take on matters always gives us a fresh perspective. As a result, fans always want to have his say about matters from politics to entertainment.

Trevor Noah and Kanye West
Trevor Noah and Kanye West. Source: Instagram – edited

Recently, Trevor Noah spoke up about the Kanye West, Pete Davidson, and Kim Kardashian situation. And he sided with Kim and Pete. And that made Kanye very upset.

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Trevor Noah says Kanye West is “harassing” Kim Kardashian

Trevor Noah believes Kanye West is growing “more and more belligerent”. And he feels that fans should respond to his declining mental health appropriately. Further, he believes that mental health is not an excuse for this kind of behavior.

“What’s weird about the situation is Kanye West has told us that he struggles with his mental health. So I get it, you wanna have art as therapy. But here’s what’s weird that Kanye doesn’t understand. It’s like, what we’re seeing is — it makes you uncomfortable.”

This comes on the back of a long and public feud between Kanye West and Pete Davidson. And Kim Kardashian has also been called out numerous times. The rapper has been unable to accept that Kim Kardashian has left him for Pete Davidson. So when he posted a video of him “killing” Pete Davidson, it left fans shocked. And this video comes the same day that Kim was officially granted her divorce from Kanye. Certainly, a lot of Kanye’s attacks can be seen as direct threats.

Further, Trevor Noah adds:

“I see a woman who wants to live her life without being harassed by an ex-boyfriend or an ex-husband.”

Moreover, posting the recent messages between Pete and Kanye to Instagram, is adding fuel to the fire. Overall, Trevor Noah wants Kanye to just accept that it’s over with him and Kim. However, Kanye is still in denial and that too very publicly.

Kanye’s response

Ye has not been the most sensible person for a while now. So, when his reply to Trevor Noah came, it was outraging for fans. Kanye’s reply to Trevor Noah on Instagram comes by posting a Google search of the political commentator with a racially charged caption.

Kanye's racial slurs against Trevor Noah
Kanye’s racial slurs against Trevor Noah. Source: Screenshot

As a result of this post, Meta has given Kanye West a 1-day Instagram ban. And deleted some of his posts. And this is due to the failure to comply with rules and regulations.

There is no place for racism anywhere. And Kanye West’s reaction deserves more than just a 1-day ban. We wish Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson the best of luck. And hope that Kanye West apologizes to Trevor Noah.

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