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Kanye West brings on Marilyn Manson and Justin Bieber to lead the sunday Prayer Church, gets a lot of backlash

Kanye West brings on Marilyn Manson and Justin Bieber to lead the sunday Prayer Church, gets a lot of backlash

The infamous rapper Kanye West once again proves that he doesn’t care much what the public thinks of him. This is probably why he brought Marilyn Manson with him on stage yet again. In one of his many many promotional events and live shows in honor of his latest album ‘Donda’, West had brought the controversial Manson on stage with him. He earned a lot of backlash for this considering that Manson was recently accused of rape and sexual assault allegations by the famous actress Rachel Evan Wood and multiple other women. This time though, Manson was West were joined by the pop-star Justin Bieber.

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The Sunday Service Prayer was held by Kanye West, Marilyn Manson & Justin Bieber

The whole scene felt very religious and almost cult-like to viewers. The three musicians were clad in white clothing and were bent down in a prayer pose. West, Manson and Bieber had arms wrapped around each other.

There’s a clip being shared on Twitter where Justin Bieber is religiously chanting:

“Thank you for your power, thank you for your grace, thank you for your peace, thank you for your forgiveness.”

There was Marilyn Manson, standing solemnly and nodding in agreement. Bieber went on further in his sermon to say:

“Thank you that you never leave us or forsake us. Thank you that we could never be more loved than we are right now in this moment.”

Moreover, the ‘Sorry’ singer added in a sincere tone:

“I come against any lies of the enemy, any fear … Your name is above it all. The name of Jesus is above it all. We cast out any demonic activity that would try to steal our peace today or steal our joy.”

The entire live-stream of the star-studded service was actually featured on Fite TV as well as on Triller. It’s actually also available for a download if you don’t mind giving $9.99.

Kanye West is dedicated to Christianity and has been for a while. So much so that he put $50 million into his Sunday Service in 2019. Ye (that’s his new legal name, by the way) even faced multiple class-action lawsuits this year from the staff and performers that claim there was mistreatment involved.

As for Justin Bieber, he also found faith recently and he is committed to Christianity. His social media posts are often encouraging his followers to find God and have faith.

But Marilyn Manson, is a whole different story. He…..uh….used to be a Satanist

Yeah, that happened. And people who have ever seen Marilyn Manson would not be surprised at all because of his goth get-up. Factually, in 2007, Marilyn Manson was confirmed to be an important member of the Church of Satan and he apparently also had ‘honorary priesthood’.

The priest who confirmed the news, Peter Gilmore, shared:

“When asked about what Satanism is he can be very articulate in explaining it. But his own music is his own art. His stage shows are his own, and they don’t really exemplify Satanism in particular.”

Manson further believes that humans are responsible for themselves, and that’s there’s no other power they can rely on or blame:

“You can’t be praying to a God or blaming a devil, or anyone else, for that matter, for what happens to you.”

In the early months of 2021, about 15 women including popular actresses Evan Rachel Wood and Esmé Bianco have accused Marilyn Manson of physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse. The cases with Jane Does (anonymous women) was dismissed in September. However, the case with Bianco is still going to proceed. Manson is also denying all allegations.

That’s why Kanye West received a lot of backlash when he first invited Marilyn Manson to his ‘Donda’ event. Now, Justin Bieber is also receiving the same amount of criticism because he joined Manson and West to a religious event.

Annnnd any respect I had left for Bieber when bye bye

There was one critic saying that they lost all respect to Justin Bieber because of this incident:

One user commented saying that all of the religious ceremonies that Kanye West was doing feels too cult-like, similar to that of Scientology. Moreover, Manson wasn’t perceived to be the religious type. He was born Christian but steered away from that and briefly found Satanism as his go-to. Then he remained secular, so him being brought to a Christianity religious sermon was quite confusing for people.

Is Marilyn Manson even religious? What is going on? This feels like some scientology cult type of thing lol

Another critic remarked:

what in the blasphemy 😭😭 marilyn isn’t even religious omg

There was a user bringing up the rape allegations against Marilyn Manson:

Marilyn Manson used satanism as a marketing strategy and is a literal r*pist…..

There was even mention of illuminati:

What type of illuminati shit is this lmfao

Let’s see if Justin Bieber will address this or not. Kanye West ignored it the last time so we can assume he’ll ignore it this time as well.

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