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Kai Novak denies rumors she's faking her relationship with Olivia Ponton

Kai Novak denies rumors she’s faking her relationship with Olivia Ponton

Olivia Ponton and Kai Novak began sparking romance rumors when the two posted several romantic TikToks together. They also appeared on each other’s social media and were often seen hanging out together. Putting two and two together, it was obvious that Olivia and Kai are in a relationship together. However, one person was claiming that the relationship between them was fake.

A girl named Hannah Kosh posted a TikTok showing screenshot of alleged text conversations between Rillie and Kai. In it, Kai appears to be telling Rilie that the relationship she has with Olivia is completely fake and the only reason they do it is because of views. Allegedly, Olivia is helping Kai’s younger sister in her modeling career. One text message that is from Kai reads as:

“Every single thing is for views, every word and comment is carefully planned out to get some kind of reaction. I’m doing this all for my sister.”

This definitely led to some confusion by fans who were rooting for Olivia and Kai. But to clear things up, Kai made TikTok videos where she denied that the relationship was fake.

Kai says that her relationship with Olivia is very genuine

On TikTok, Kai talked about how the rumors about her faking her relationship were completely false. She further added that the girl named Rilie was only trying to ‘ruin a genuine relationship’:

So many things I have to say, but I think at the end of the day I just need to prove that these texts are fake, and that Rilie has gone to such lengths to try to ruin a genuine relationship that I and Liv are super happy in right now

Kai Novak also explained that the alleged text conversations Hannah was showing of Rilie were completely fabricated. The TikTok star even went on to demonstrate how easy it is to fake a conversation by changing the phone number and contact name of someone on your phone and fabricate an entire conversations.

“Basically what I’m saying is, the screen recording proves nothing, because Rilie’s been texting one of her friends that’s pretending to be me. She’s changed the contact, she’s changed the phone number, in an attempt to get in between a genuine relationship that Rilie’s obviously jealous of.”

Moreover, Kai also elaborated that she has never met Rilie and never dated her either. She didn’t have any intention of dating Rilie.

Olivia Ponton also added a comment underneath the TikTok, adding weight to Kai’s story:

also her name is kaila or kai. not ky…

Olivia Ponton comments on Kai Novak TikTok relationship

The text conversations that Hannah was showing had the name of Kai as ‘Ky’.

Though, it seems like Kai and Olivia’s relationship is going pretty strong. Olivia posted their TikTok together three days ago and everything seems to be going great:

Ponton is from the famous Hype House. Whereas, Kai or Kaila Novak is a freshman at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and plays women’s soccer. Novak also joined TikTok and met her girlfriend through social media.

Before dating Kai Novak, Olivia Ponton dated Sway House member Kio Cyr.

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