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Julie and The Phantoms Isn't Revived for Season 2 By Netflix But There's Still Hope

Julie And The Phantoms isn’t revived for season 2 by Netflix but there’s still hope

Netflix’s hit series ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ will not b renewed for Season 2. Dan Cross and David Hoge created the popular show. The series is based on the Brazilian series: Julie e os Fantasmas which debuted in 2020 on Netflix. On December 21, the show was canceled. Since then, it had left fans with many questions and they want Season 2.

The Netflix hit Julie and the Phantom’s fanbase have built over time

The short-lived series had gathered quite many fans in a little span of time who have been impatiently waiting for the new season. Unfortunately, Kenny Ortega, the executive producer of ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ announced recently that there were “no plans for the series at Netflix or any other place”. That’s quite a bummer! But hold on, the producer did not finish the statement with a sad note. Ortega has told the fans to hold on and “Never Say Never”.

So, there is a chance of a positive ray of sunshine.

The story of Julie was not like any teenager. After her mother’s demise, depression dawned over her. Thus, she tried to find hope and her voice through music. Furthermore, Julie, played by Madison Reyes summoned the spirit of a boyband ‘Sunset Curve’ who aided her in finding a passion for music. Fans desire to know how the story rolls out in Season 2. They are left unfulfilled and wanting more. Fans are doing all they can to revive the show at the moment.

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Fans can’t seem to say goodbye to ‘Julie and the Phantoms’

Due to its massive popularity, the fans of the show are doing everything in their power to revive it for Season 2. They have made a hashtag called “Save Julie and the Phantoms“. Fans leave the hashtag in replies whenever the show is mentioned to let the producers know that they want a season 2 of the hit show. Furthermore, fans have come together to do an “Orpheum Tour” to get the word #savejulieandthephantoms around and let the world join in the campaign. The plan of the fans had to spread across four continents so it started in Sydney and fans from U.S and Belgium have gotten involved as well.