Julia Rose Proposed to Harry Jowsey Before Leaving him for Jake Paul

Julia Rose proposed to Harry Jowsey before leaving him for Jake Paul

So I was randomly scrolling through Instagram Stories and discovered that Jake Paul is hanging out with their ex-girlfriend Julia Rose. Some might not know that Julia Rose saw Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Jowsey.

Harry and Julia were dating, but now it appears that isn’t the case anymore. It seems like Jake and Julia are back together! So, what just happened here? Is Julia going to be a part of Jake’s upcoming song video? We will have to dive into their relationship timeline to understand things in a less twisted way.

Last but not least, Harry Jowsey also shared his side of the story with The Hollywood Fix. And according to him, Julia Rose wanted to marry him, and she even proposed. But maybe she was doing this to get Jake’s reaction so they could get back together.

Jake Paul and Julia Rose’s relationship timeline

We don’t know how these two manage to create havoc on social media. But they have been doing it since March. Let’s jump back to the part where these two first met.

So last year, Julia played the part of Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet in the song ‘These Days.’ The piece is super lit, and Jake and Julia’s chemistry is super magnetic.

Anyways, after the song dropped on the internet, Jake got super busy with his fight with AnEsonGib. And he celebrated the victory with his friends and fake ex-wife/girlfriend. The next day, Jake was caught having a mouth-to-mouth session with Julia.

So we can say that these two started seeing each other in the first week of February. And Jake officially announced his relationship with Julia on 22nd March in a vlog. He also explained that he fell in love with Julia while filming for the music media of ‘These Days.’

And then, right after two weeks, Jake appeared on big brother’s podcast ‘Impaulsive’ and shared that he messed up things with Julia. So she dumped him because of his rude and aggressive behavior. He also apologized to her and asked her to take him back.

Then Almost two-three weeks ago, Julia invited Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Jowsey to her Sh*t Show. And after a couple of days, they both were caught having a moment during a lunch date. Harry also surprised Julia with a trip to Las Vegas. And now he just told a social media tabloid that he and Julia are not together anymore. And it seems like she used Harry to get back with Jake.

Harry Jowsey and Julia Rose’ bumpy relationship timeline

Though he didn’t mention the name of the girl he was spotted having a moment with, he shared that he is really happy. Harry also shared that he planned a surprise weekend getaway for her. He even posted a TikTok video about Julia lying next to him. But we cannot find it anywhere, so that he might have removed or deleted it.

Two hours ago, Julia was spotted in Jake Paul’s Instagram stories. After that, ‘The Hollywood Fix’ somehow managed to get a hold of Harry at the BOA Steakhouse. And they asked him about Julia Rose appearing in Jake Paul’s Instagram story out of nowhere.

“Sh*t is crazy. That’s how I found out she is cheating on me. If she had to use me to get back with someone that she is happy around then that’s fine.”

Harry further added that he is happy for both Jake and Julia. But Jake should have maturely expressed things rather than showing the world that he is back with Julia in his Instagram stories. You won’t even believe this, but according to Harry, Julia proposed to marry him on their surprise weekend trip to Las Vegas.

“She got what she wanted. It just su*ks that she had to use me in the process to get back with him.”

Well, we feel sad for Harry. But we should all wait and hear Jake and Julia’s take on this matter. So please stay tuned for more updates about the J couple and Harry Jowsey.

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