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Joshua Bassett’s New Song Doppelgänger Is About His Ex?

American actor and singer, Joshua Bassett has gotten fame for his role as ‘Rickey Bowen’ in High School Musical: The Series. He has worked with co-star and ex Olivia Rodrigo, the Drivers License star who has recently won three Grammys. Olivia is one of the biggest teen pop stars right now. He has himself released a new album in March 12, 2021. Later he released couple more songs named ‘Crisis’, ‘Secret’ and ‘Set Me Free’. In February, 2022, Basset released a new song named ‘Doppelgänger’ which has a different tone from his other songs and a different side to him compared to how Rodrigo fans see him.

Joshua Bassett

How Things Have Changed For Rodrigo And Joshua Bassett

With the release of ‘Drivers License’, Rodrigo went viral all around the world. As the song gained more and more attention, fans got more involved into her lyrics and story she was portraying. They soon found out that song is about her ex Joshua Bassett and the blonde girl Rodrigo talks about is ‘Sabrina Carpenter’. No official statement from Rodrigo got released confirming fans theories. Since then, both Carpenter and Joshua have been receiving unfair amount of hatred. The criticism and hate made both singers write songs about the situation. Sabrina Carpenter, ‘Sue Me’ singer, went ahead and wrote ‘Skin’ which fans considered a response song to her being referred as ‘Blonde Girl’. Furthermore, Bassett has expressed himself in songs ‘Crisis’ and ‘Lie, Lie, Lie’ after being hated online by innumerable people.

‘Doppelgänger’ Seems To Be About Rodrigo

Now, the new song from Joshua seems to be inspired by Olivia as well but this one has a sweeter and softer tone. On this track, the singer seemingly admits that he has lost a loved one and he is not over him. Moreover, the lyrics reflect the singer finding the lost lover in every other person he meets.

I know we are getting older/ We’re moving on and over/ But everywhere I go I see your face.

The song primarily is about missing the old lover and being anxious about how to reconnect again.

I’m scared to death to see ya/But I wanted it to be ya.

Seems like the ‘reminiscing’ part of the song is as same as Deja Vu by Rodrigo but these are just assumptions. No official statement or name dropping has been spotted.

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