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Josh Richards took Sway House fans with him

It’s been months since the people could go out freely and breathe without worrying about the pandemic. The world is going through major changes these days, and the TikTok world is not safe from it. While Daisy Keech of Hype House ended up building her own ClubHouse for content creation, fans hoped the Sway House would be the only one unaffected by the circumstances. But, they were wrong. Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler are on hiatus from the Sway House. They moved out to a new apartment and Sway House is officially divided now. Following which, it feels like Josh took Sway House fans with him as well.

Sway House content views are dropping after Josh Richards left them?

Bryce Hall and Josh Richards of the Sway House have been together through thick and thin. They created the “Lil Huddy diss track” after Chase Hudson sent the infamous explicit image to Josh’s girlfriend Nessa Barrett. Nessa and Josh went through some other issues as well, including Nessa apologizing for a TikTok dance, and Josh dropping his pants during a live-stream.

Now, the influencer has reportedly taken a hiatus from Sway House to focus on his music career. That also explains why Jaden Hossler is with him.

Apparently, it feels like views for Sway House are dropping now. But Josh Richards always had better view count when compared to Bryce Hall. And they were, and are, still good friends.

@joshrichardsDidn’t rlly know the lyrics but that’s not the point, I’m going miss this guy more than anything @brycehall♬ original sound – favsoundds

What might’ve led to hiatus?

Even though both Bryce Hall and Josh Richards have made their separate vlogs regarding Josh & Jaden’s break from Sway House, fans are still connecting dots in order to figure out what went wrong. The famous TikTokers claim there is no bad blood between them. However, fans believe it might have something to do with Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler’s arrest a few days ago on charges of drug possession.

A week following the arrest, Jaden shared the hiatus news on his social handles.

On the other hand, Josh Richards has recently opened up about his LA life and how it was affecting his ambitions. In fact, Josh has also issued an apology to his supporters, Sway House family, his team, and his community. As he said, the fame and LA partying lifestyle consumed him. Now, he will be using his platform to do good and help the other content creators as well.

Do you believe Sway House will remain the same without Josh Richards & Jaden Hossler? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.